Best answer: How do you transmute diamonds in wizard101?

Can you transmute diamonds wizard101?

Re: Diamond Reagents

There is a recipe that will allow you to transmute Ore into Diamonds (you can buy it from the crafting bear in Grizzleheim, left side of the Northgard entrance). It takes 15 Ore to make one Diamond.

Where is the transmute recipe in diamond?


Avery Templeton (200 Gold)

How do you transmute items in wizard101?

You can “transmute” reagents into other reagents, you just need the recipes and a Card craft table to do it. Visit the recipe vendors to find which one sells the transmute recipe you need ( look for the reagent icon on the tabs ). I believe Toshio in MooShu sells the recipe you need.

Where do you get the transmute spell in wizard101?

Around Dragonspyre, specially the Necropolis and The Atheneum, you tend to find them in abundance. They’re also in abundance in Vestrilund. If you’re interested in Gardening, then Dandelions and Fickle Pickles can assist. Here is the list of all items that can be transmuted.

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Where do I get Thunderchill cloak?

The vendor for the Thunderchill Cloak (ice) Can be found in MooShu’s Yoshihito Temple. Standing near Hideo Kebo on the pier. Vendor’s name is Hua Yang. It requires 6 Evil Snowman TCs, 14 Amthyst, 3 Crystal vials, 12 Spider silk, 15 Frost flowers, 8 Black pearls and 20 Stone blocks.

Where do you get transmute Sunstone in wizard101?

Transmute sunstone is available in MooShu ( Dragonspyre or Celestia, it’s been so long since I had to do that ).

Can you transmute Black Lotus?

If you Craft, it can be Transmuted from lower value, more common reagents. Adding on to this, you can also buy Black Lotus from Diego in Unicorn Way for 50 arena tickets or buy the Transmute Black Lotus recipe from Toshio in MooShu which turns 10 Cat Tail and 10 Ore into 1 Black Lotus.

How do you use transmute spells?

Description. It allows the caster to transform one piece of unrefined Iron Ore to Silver Ore, and Silver Ore to Gold Ore. All you have to do is cast the spell and have either Iron or Silver Ore in your Misc inventory. It will automatically transmute the Iron to Silver and the Silver to Gold.

Can you transmute stone block wizard101?

There is no transmute for Stone Blocks. You can find a list of all the transmure recipes and there locations HERE. Hope this helps.

Where do you get the transmute fossil in wizard101?

You can buy the Transmute Fossil recipe from Balthazar Dragonthorn, Avery Templeton, and Kimba Kalla. You also need a Card Crafting Station, which you can get from any furniture vendor. The recipe requires 15 Stone Blocks and at the crafting station you can transmute those into one Fossil.

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Is there a transmute ore?

Transmute Mineral Ore, commonly shortened Transmute, is an adept-level alteration spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Casting it converts one piece of unrefined iron ore in the inventory to silver ore, or silver ore to gold ore at the base cost of 88 magicka.

Where can I find transmute nightshade?

One of the easiest way to obtain the reagent is by transmuting it using the Transmute Nightshade Recipe available from Wul’yahm, the Apprentice Crafter in The Oasis, Krokotopia. She sells the recipe for 200 gold.

Can you buy ore in wizard101?

Re: Ore: buy or farm? Yes.