Best answer: Is there a set in Ruby?

A set is a Ruby class that helps you create a list of unique items.

What is set in Ruby?

Set implements a collection of unordered values with no duplicates. This is a hybrid of Array’s intuitive inter-operation facilities and Hash’s fast lookup. Set is easy to use with Enumerable objects (implementing each ).

Is Ruby Set ordered?

Because the Ruby 1.9 Set library happens to be built upon a Hash currently, you can currently use Set as an ordered set.

Is Ruby queue thread safe?

Ruby has a proper thread-safe, blocking, Queue class. You can use this queue for coordinating work in a multi-threaded program. … If the queue is empty, calling pop will put your current thread to sleep & wait until something is added to the queue. That’s what it means to “block”.

How do you set a variable in Ruby?

No variable is ever declared in Ruby. Rather, the rule is that a variable must appear in an assignment before it is used. Again, the variable input is assigned before it is used in the puts call.

How do you sort an array in Ruby?

You can use the sort method on an array, hash, or another Enumerable object & you’ll get the default sorting behavior (sort based on <=> operator) You can use sort with a block, and two block arguments, to define how one object is different than another (block should return 1, 0, or -1)

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What is mutex in Ruby?

Mutex implements a simple semaphore that can be used to coordinate access to shared data from multiple concurrent threads. Example: semaphore = Mutex.

What is concurrent Ruby?

Concurrent Ruby makes one of the strongest thread safety guarantees of any Ruby concurrency library, providing consistent behavior and guarantees on all four of the main Ruby interpreters (MRI/CRuby, JRuby, Rubinius, TruffleRuby). Every abstraction in this library is thread safe.

What does Unshift do in Ruby?

unshift will add a new item to the beginning of an array. With insert you can add a new element to an array at any position.

Is Ruby dynamically typed?

Static typing vs dynamic typing

Ruby is a dynamic language, which means that types are checked when the code is run. If you try to call a method on an object that does not exist, the compiler will not complain, you’ll only find out about that error when the code is executed and you get a NoMethodError .

How do you comment code in Ruby?

Single-Line Comments

The Ruby single-line comment begins with the # character and ends at the end of the line. Any characters from the # character to the end of the line are completely ignored by the Ruby interpreter. The # character doesn’t necessarily have to occur at the beginning of the line; it can occur anywhere.

What is binding in Ruby?

To keep track of the current scope, Ruby uses bindings, which encapsulate the execution context at each position in the code. The binding method returns a Binding object which describes the bindings at the current position. … Code can be evaluated on the binding by using the #eval method.

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