Best answer: Who is called as Black Diamond of Maharashtra?

Who is also known as Diamond of India?

Gopal Krishna Gokhale was called the ‘Diamond of India’ by his political opponent Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Gopal Krishna Gokhale was an Indian liberal political leader and a social reformer during the Indian Independence Movement.

Who called BG Tilak Diamond India?

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Tilak called the “Diamond of India” to Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

How Gopal Krishna Gokhale died?

Gopal Krishna Gokhale was a mentor to both Mohammed Jinnah and Mahatma Gandhi. … Gopal Krishna Gokhale was also a social reformer whose goals were to promote non-violence and reform within existing government institutions. He died on February 19, 1915 at an early age of 49 as stress took its toll.

Who was guru of Gandhiji?

Yugpurush Mahatma Ke Mahatma, a Hindi play, explores the relationship between Gandhi and his spiritual guru Shrimad Rajchandra, who taught him these tenets. Gandhi met Rajchandra, a prominent Jain poet and philosopher, for the first time in Mumbai, when he returned from England as a barrister in 1891.

Who is known as Prince of workers?

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Tilak called Gokhale the ‘Diamond of India, the jewel of Maharashtra and the Prince of Workers’.

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Who founded the Servants of Indian society?

Servants of India Society, society founded by Gopal Krishna Gokhale in 1905 to unite and train Indians of different ethnicities and religions in welfare work.

When Gopal Krishna Gokhale died?

Gokhale’s mentor, justice M.G. Ranade started the Sarvajanik Sabha Journal. Gokhale assisted him. Gokhale’s deposition before the Welby Commission on the financial condition of India won him accolades.

Why did Gokhale rejected knighthood?

After the foundation of the Indian National Congress, Gokhale was made its secretary. … He refused a knighthood and KCIE saying that by accepting such honours he would cease to be Gopal Krishna Gokhale. As the freedom movement gained momentum, the Moderates began to lose ground to firebrand leaders like Tilak.

Who is mother of Mahatma Gandhi?

Yugpurush: Mahatma Na Mahatma is a 2016 Gujarati play based on the relationship between Jain philosopher Shrimad Rajchandra and Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi.

What did Gandhiji mean by Swaraj?

Although the word Swaraj means “self-rule”, Gandhi gave it the content of an integral revolution that encompasses all spheres of life: “At the individual level Swaraj is vitally connected with the capacity for dispassionate self-assessment, ceaseless self-purification and growing self-reliance.” Politically, swaraj is …