Can I use plague diamond in warzone?

Yes, all of the BOCW Zombies camos are in Warzone, including Mastery Camos like Plague Diamond & Dark Aether.

Can you use plague diamond in multiplayer?

The party leader must back out of the multiplayer lobby and into a zombies lobby. At this point, players can equip the plague diamond Camo. Once equipped, press Y if on Xbox or triangle on PS. The party leader must then go into a multiplayer lobby and voila, plague diamond is unlocked.

Can I use purple diamond in Warzone?

Using Zombie camos in Warzone

The only way for players to unlock the bright purple of Plague Diamond or the slickness of Dark Matter Aether for themselves is to boot up Black Ops Cold War, head into Zombies and start grinding camos for each weapon. First, they must unlock Golden Viper camo for each weapon.

Can you use zombie reticles in Warzone?

Like Modern Warfare’s VLK T-Pose and Corp Combat Blue Dot, Call of Duty: Warzone players have always cared for certain reticles over others. … Called the ‘Scalpel,’ the green dot reticle can only be unlocked in Zombies.

Is Dark Aether camo coming to Warzone?

You can now use Dark Aether skins on your Call of Duty: Warzone weapons. … It’s also worth noting that it’s not just limited to Dark Aether skins. Now every camo you’ve ever unlocked in Zombies will be available in Warzone, including the psychedelic ones like Bravado, Funkadelic, and Maniac.

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What is Cold War Dark Matter?

The most exclusive camo in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is Dark Matter Ultra. … A purple/blue animated camo, Dark Matter Ultra usually takes users a solid chunk of time to unlock. Requiring players to earn Gold camo on every weapon is no small feat.