Do you think the narrator trust the diamond maker?

The narrator is also suspicious of the diamond maker and at first considers the diamond maker, due to his appearance, to be a tramp. … Nobody trusts the diamond maker due to his appearance and as such he cannot sell the diamonds he has produced.

What do you think happened to the diamond maker in the end what would you have done if you were in the narrator’s place?

If I would have been there in the narrator’s place in H.G Wells’ story ‘The diamond maker’, then perhaps I would have bought a diamond from the maker without judging him by his physical appearance and financial position.

Why was narrator not keen on buying diamonds from him the diamond maker?

Answer: The narrator was not keen about buying diamonds from him as he did not believe stranger completely.

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Why do you think the man wanted to keep his diamond making business a secret?

Answer: It was done secretly, so that others would not copy his work, and so that he could sell his diamonds without it being known that they could be produced in large quantities.

Was the person really a diamond maker?

In the story, a businessman hears an account from a man who has devoted years attempting to make synthetic diamonds, only to end as a desperate outcast.

The Diamond Maker.

“The Diamond Maker”
Media type Print
Publication date 16 August 1894

What quality did the narrator see in the diamond maker?

He was ragged and dirty, unshaven and unkempt; he looked as though he had been left in a dust-bin for a week. And then he started talking of the worries of a large business. This shocked the narrator who did not expect such a poor man to talk like this.

What was the irony of the diamond maker life?

the narrator only has to live with the fact that he missed an opportunity to further increase his wealth. Something that the narrator will be able to live with. Whereas the diamond maker if he is still alive is most likely living a life of destitution. Though he does still have his diamonds.

Why was the diamond maker called an anarchist?

Explanation: The Diamond Maker” is a short story by H. G. Wells, first published in 1894 in the Pall Mall … a neighbour in the lodgings house, thinking he was a bomb-making anarchist, told him he had called the police.

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Why was the man unable to sell his diamonds?

The man was unable to sell his diamonds because people thought he would trick them. This was because diamonds need to undergo natural metamorphosis to attain their karats. Also he was dressed in rags.

How does the man prove that he was not lying about himself the diamond maker?

Answer: The man proved that he was not lying about himself by pulling out a small canvas bag from his wretched coat. it had a cord round around its neck. He opened it and took out a brown pebble and he handed over the narrator.

Why is the narrator shocked when the man talks about throwing away Name wealth and position and doing a small business the diamond maker?

When such a man talks about throwing away name,wealth,position and doing a small business Narrator was shocked. Explanation: The man was raged,dirty,unshaven, unkempt. he looked as if he was in a dustbin for a week.

What is a diamond maker called?

A person who practices lapidary is known as a lapidarist. … In modern contexts, a gemcutter is a person who specializes in cutting diamonds, but in older contexts refers to artists who produced hardstone carvings; engraved gems such as jade carvings, a branch of miniature sculpture or ornament in gemstone.

What machine makes diamonds?

A cubic press uses six different anvils pressing onto a cube. These presses can vary greatly in size and are most commonly used to produce industrial diamond powder.