Does Ruby Rose Turner have any siblings?

What is Ruby Rose’s real name?

She is also popularly known for being the younger sister of popular social media influencers and TikTok star Nadia Turner.

Ruby Rose Turner Wiki/Biography.

Full Name Ruby Rose Turner
Age 15 Years
Birth Place Santa Clarita, California, United States
Profession Dancer, TikTok Star and Actress

Are Ruby Rose Turner and Nadia Turner related?

Career. Nadia began her career dancing alongside her younger sister, Ruby. She is an inspiration to many girls her age and younger, being considered an Instagram influencer. In 2016, she toured with Johnny Orlando as one of his backup dancers.

Was Ruby Rose Turner in Annie?

2014 saw Ruby Rose Turner playing the lead in a television film titled Annie. She later appeared as a guest artist on the set of some TV shows such as Hyperlinked in 2017, Black-ish in 2016 and Kid Advice in 2015.

How old is Ruby Rose Turner today?

16 years (October 16, 2005)
Руби Роуз Тернер/Возраст
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