Frequent question: What is John Hardy jewelry made of?

John Hardy jewelry is composed of 100 percent recycled silver and re-purposed gold.

Is John Hardy a good jewelry brand?

John Hardy is an international diamond jewelry brand that was founded in 1975. Inspired by unique Asian designs, this handcrafted jewelry line for men and women has become one of the leading luxury jewelry brands in the world.

Is John Hardy jewelry better than David Yurman?

Often times we get asked which is better John Hardy or David Yurman. … John Hardy’s designs are probably a bit more daring while David Yurman may lean a little more towards the conservative side. That is not to say Yurman doesn’t have very bold pieces but that is a general rule of thumb.

Where is John Hardy jewelry manufactured?

The John Hardy compound was built in Mumbal, Bali in 1996 and is the company production center where the jewelry is created.

Is John Hardy jewelry made in China?

While John Hardy is headquartered in Manhattan, the jewelry is designed and produced at the brand’s Balinese workshop and studio. “The Southeast Asia area has always been vital to the brand,” Hanson said. “We opened Gateway Harbor City to build more awareness with mainland Chinese.”

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Is John Hardy jewelry made in Thailand?

John Hardy’s handcrafted jewelry is made in Bali by artisans committed to sustainable business practices.

How did John Hardy come up with his ideas?

John Hardy’s inspiration comes from one of the most beautiful, serene places in the world- Bali. … By creating programs like Jobs For Life and “Wear bamboo, plant bamboo,” John Hardy has established himself as a humanitarian.

Can I shower with John Hardy bracelet?

Avoid working in the kitchen or garden, or cleaning house, playing sports, swimming or bathing while wearing your John Hardy jewelry.

Did John Hardy sell his company?

John Hardy, founder of the namesake Bali jewelry brand, has sold his stake in the firm to company president Damien Dernoncourt and creative director Guy Bedarida. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Can I wear my John Hardy bracelet in the shower?

“Date” your John Hardy jewelry. Take it to out to dinner and a movie, but don’t wear it to cook, clean, exercise or submerge it in water (like the pool, ocean or hot tub).

Who owns Hardy?

New York, NY – July 31, 2014 John Hardy, a leading luxury designer jewelry brand, today announced that it has been acquired by Catterton, the leading consumer-focused private equity firm.

Is Jai jewelry part of John Hardy?

JAI (pronounced “jay”) is a line of sterling silver jewelry from the artisans at John Hardy.