Frequent question: What language does the Colonel speak in Blood Diamond?

Colonel Coetzee has several lines of dialogue in Afrikaans, Arnold Vosloo’s first language.

What accent does Leo have in Blood Diamond?

His character was from Rhodesia or modern-day Zimbabwe, and although DiCaprio scored an Oscar nomination for the role, viewers have had mixed reactions to his South African accent in the film.

Who is the Colonel in Blood Diamond?

Colonel Coetzee is a fictional character appearing in the 2006 film Blood Diamond. He is portrayed by Arnold Vosloo.

Is Danny Archer South African?

Danny Archer is a Zimbabwean ex-pat who grew up up in South Africa and fought with the legendary SADF 32 Battalion in the Angolan War, as witnessed by the tattoo of a Buffalo head on his arm.

Is Leo’s South African accent good?

Originally Answered: Was DiCaprio’s South African accent in Blood Diamond accurate? Not quite. To an Afrikaans-speaking South African he sounded more like a Whenwe . However, it wasn’t grating or offensive.

What accent is Gatsby?

Lurhmann’s an Australian and Long Island is ever so slightly closer to New York than it is Britain’s fair capital. Well, there are a couple of connections: The character Gatsby affects an English accent in Fitzgerald’s book. That’s how cool us Brits were in 1922.

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What kind of accent does Leonardo DiCaprio have?

It is a Rhodesian accent, or Southern African.

In Leonardo DiCaprio’s own words: [I spent] a lot of time with the locals, drinking beers with them, hearing a lot of their stories. [I spoke with] a lot of guys from the South African military. And of course I have an accent coach and he was there guiding me through it.

Is Danny Archer real?

Danny Archer is a fictional character appearing in the 2006 film Blood Diamond. He is portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Is Blood Diamond based on a real story?

The diamond industry is abuzz over the new film Blood Diamond, a fictional account of rebel militias in Sierra Leone fueling a bloody civil war through the sale of the precious gems. … He promises to help a poor black fisherman find his kidnapped son in exchange for help locating the gemstone.

Why is it called Blood Diamond?

Blood Diamonds, also known as “Conflict Diamonds,” are stones that are produced in areas controlled by rebel forces that are opposed to internationally recognized governments. … This is why the term “blood diamonds” is used.