How are cushion diamonds measured?

How do you measure a cushion cut diamond?

All diamonds in our conflict free diamond search engine have the length to width listed. This ratio, which is simply the length divided by the width, determines how square or elongated the Cushion is. A larger the length to width ratio means the diamond is taller than it is wide (a more elongated or rectangular stone).

How many carats is 9X7mm cushion?


0.60-0.62cts = 5.3-5.4mm 0.60-0.62cts = 4.7mm 2.25ct = 9X6mm
0.63-0.68ctsct = 5.5-5.6mm 0.63-0.68ctsct = 4.8mm 2.50ct = 9X7mm
0.69-0.74cts = 5.6-5.8mm 0.69-0.74cts = 4.8-4.9mm
0.75-0.80cts = 5.9-6mm 0.75-0.80cts = 4.9-5mm

How big is a 4 carat cushion cut diamond?

4 Carat Diamond Ring Shapes

Diamond Shape Approximate Table Surface Area for 4 Carat
Radiant Cut 9.17×9.17×5.87mm
Cushion Cut 9.25×9.25×5.92mm
Oval Diamond 12.89×8.59×5.24mm
Pear Shaped Diamond 14.36×8.65×5.28mm

What are the best proportions for a cushion cut diamond?

Recommended Proportions for Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Excellent Very Good
Table % 60% – 65% 57% – 68%
Depth % 65% – 69% 62% – 71%
Polish/Symmetry Excellent – Very Good
Length to Width 1.00 – 1.05 1.06 – 1.20

Do cushion diamonds look bigger?

Per carat, cushion cut diamonds can have a very slightly larger table (top) than round brilliant diamonds. Additionally, they have larger facets, which can make them look bigger. However, round diamonds are more brilliant than cushion cut diamonds and our eyes tend to perceive higher brilliance as a larger size.

Why are cushion cut diamonds cheaper?

Cushion cut diamonds tend to be about 25% less expensive than their round cut counterparts. When jewelers cut a rough stone, more is lost in shaping a round diamond, so the cost of each carat retained is higher.

What does cushion modified diamond mean?

What does modified cushion cut mean? A modified cushion cut is a cushion cut diamond with more facets and less contrast than a traditional “chunky” cushion. These diamonds often display what we call crushed ice brilliance.

What is 7mm in carats?

Round Diamond Sizes

Round MM Size Round Carat Weight
7 mm. 1.30 ct.
7.3 mm. 1.50 ct.
7.5 mm. 1.67 ct.
7.75 mm. 1.75 ct.

How many MM is a 2 carat cushion cut diamond?

If you choose a 2-carat cushion cut diamond, know there are certain measurements for the stone that are ideal. We recommend having a 7.34mm x 7.34mm Surface for 2 Carat Diamond.

How many carats is Kim Kardashian’s ring?

Kris Humphries proposed to Kim Kardashian West with a 16-carat diamond ring.

What size diamond is too big?

5-Carat Diamond

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According to Landau, there’s no such thing as too big a diamond—but she knows they’re not for everyone. “It’s so personal and it ultimately comes down to your lifestyle,” she says. “To some, a 5-carat ring is so big it looks fake. For others, there’s no limit.”

How much is a 1 carat diamond in South Africa?

How much is a 1 carat diamond? A round brilliant cut, 1.00ct G colour, SI1 clarity, excellent cut GIA-certified diamond will cost approximately $6850 including VAT (~ R106,183). A princess cut, 1.01ct H colour, SI1 clarity, GIA-certified diamond will cost approximately $4584 including VAT (~ R71,049).

Is color or clarity more important in a cushion cut diamond?

The color grade is more important than the clarity grade because cushion-cut diamonds tend to retain a lot of color. If you don’t want any hints of color, look for a cushion cut diamond with a color grade of H or above.

Is color or clarity more important in a cushion cut?

Color: We recommend a color grade of H or better. Clarity: For the best value, stick with an SI1 clarity grade or better. Cushion cuts have a large open table, which means that it may be difficult to find an eye-clean SI2.

How do you choose a cushion for a diamond?

Color, Clarity and Cut:

If you’re shopping for a cushion cut diamond, look for an H color or better. For clarity, it’s best to go for SI2 or SI1 for optimal value. Because cushion cuts have a large open table, it can be difficult to find an eye clean SI2.