How many decks does Jewel of the Seas have?

When was Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas refurbished?

Royal Caribbean International Jewel of the Seas Ship Information

Jewel of the Seas
Year Built 2004
Year Last Refurbished 2017
Capacity 2,702 passengers
Decks 12

How big is Jewel of the Seas?

Jewel of the Seas

Tonnage 90,090 GT
Length 962 ft (293 m)
Beam 105.6 ft (32.2 m)

How many decks are on a cruise ship?

Most Carnival ships offer two or three decks below the atrium level that contain mostly passenger cabins. The Riviera deck is generally the lowest and least-expensive passenger deck, followed by the main deck.

How many decks does the Royal Caribbean have?

The Enchantment of the Seas has 11 decks that are publicly accessible by passengers and crew.

Is Jewel of the Seas a nice ship?

Jewel of the Seas is ideal for cruisers who don’t go in for bells and whistles, but instead prefer a traditional cruising experience. It’s a laid-back ship, where customers enjoy long lazy mealtimes, a few G&Ts an evening and a bit of nostalgia when it comes to entertainment.

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What is the biggest cruise ship in the world?

The largest cruise ship in the world, Symphony of the Seas doesn’t just win awards — it wins over everyone who sets foot onboard.

How many restaurants are on the Jewel of the Seas?

As well as the fantastic included dining options, Jewel of the Seas also boasts five speciality restaurants: Traditional steakhouse Chops Grille. Exclusive five-course dining courtesy of Chef’s Table.

What does Jewel of the Seas have?

Onboard Experience

There’s something for everyone on Jewel of the Seas. From our fitness center, basketball court and signature rock climbing wall for active, invigorating activities, to six pools and whirlpools, and a full-service onboard spa to relax and restore, your group will have the best of options.

Who owns Jewel of the Seas?

Specifications of Jewel Of The Seas

Year built 2004 / Age: 18
Building cost USD 350 million
Owner Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
Operator Royal Caribbean International
Speed 25 kn / 46 kph / 29 mph

What is the highest deck on a cruise ship?

Upper Deck Cabin Pros

A major bonus of being near the top of the ship is the view. The higher the deck, the better and, often, more panoramic the view. Cabins on top decks aren’t always the best on the ship, but many suites and specialty cabin categories are typically located on upper decks.

Where is deck 4 on a cruise ship?

On other cruise ships, the lowest passenger cabins are on Deck 3 or 4. Below the passenger cabins, there are the crew cabins, the engine room and other facilities such as the laundry, jail and medical centre.

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Why do cruise ships not have deck 13?

In fact, the explanation is entirely down to superstition and the belief that number 13 is unlucky. … However, the omission of deck 13 on cruise ships is in fact to help passengers who might suffer from triskaidekaphobia. Some cruisers may simply refuse to book rooms of the 13th floor.

How many decks does odyssey of the seas have?

The boat has 16 decks (15 passenger-accessible, 9 with cabins), 18 dining options (restaurants and food bars), 4 swimming pools (1 retractable roof-covered), 10 outdoor Jacuzzis (large whirlpool hot tubs), 16 elevators, a multi-million dollar art collection.

What does 4V mean on Royal Caribbean?

4V – Interior Two twin beds that convert to Royal King sitting area with sofa, vanity area, and bathroom.

Why is it called the Lido Deck?

The name comes from Italian roots; a lido refers to a public outdoor swimming pool, or a beach where people gather to swim. Accordingly, the lido deck is traditionally the ship deck that is home to the outdoor swimming pool, and adjacent bars and dining options.