Is altaria good in emerald?

Altaria has better special defenses and due to it also having the dragon type it can live one or maybe two electric type attacks. It can also learn dragon dance. Which gymleader Wynona uses in combination with earthquake sometimes to demolish teams. So altaria can be used as a gimmick for setting up to sweep.

Which is better Altaria or Flygon Emerald?

It’s overall better than Altaria. It’s gen 3 so a lot of mechanics and moves are not as you may know from X & Y or ORAS . This moveset : Fly – Because you requested it.

Is Altaria better than Swellow?

Swellow has great speed and good attack, giving it sweeping potential. Altaria is much bulkier than Swellow, but for an in-game play-through, speed and offensive stats are more rewarding than defensive stats.

Is Altaria Pokémon good?

Overall, Altaria is a superb choice for you to use in the Great or Ultra League. While it does favor the Great League, it’s good in both categories. You can’t go wrong for choosing this Pokémon, and we highly recommend any trainer keen on competing in the Great League to have one or two available.

What’s the best flying Pokemon in Emerald?

Originally Answered: What are the best flying Pokemon in Emerald? Rayquaza definitely!!! A legendary dragon-flying type that has the greatest stats ever in Emerald.

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Is Swablu any good?

The bad news is that Swablu is another one of those Normal / Flying-types that are so common in the game we call Pokemon. The good news is that Swablu is different from its fellow Normal / Flying-types. … Natural Cure should also be noted, as it allows Swablu to be one of the best status absorbers in Little Cup.

Which is better altaria or Flygon?

Not including Megas, Flygon is considered the better competitive Pokemon, though Mega Altaria will certainly be better than it.