Is Emerald considered regional?

Emerald is a rural town and locality in the Central Highlands Region, Queensland, Australia. … The town is the headquarters for the Central Highlands Regional Council.

Is Emerald metro or regional?

Emerald is a suburb in the Greater Melbourne area of Victoria, Australia, 44 km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the Shires of Cardinia and Yarra Ranges local government areas. Emerald recorded a population of 5,778 at the 2016 Census.

What suburbs are considered regional Victoria?

The 10 regional city local government areas are Ballarat, Greater Bendigo, Greater Geelong, Greater Shepparton, Horsham, Latrobe, Mildura, Wangaratta, Warrnambool and Wodonga.

What are the regional areas in Melbourne?

Select the areas below to learn more about Victoria’s diverse regions.

  • Barwon South West Region. The Barwon South West Region stretches from the border with South Australia to the tip of Queenscliff at Port Phillip Bay. …
  • Gippsland Region. …
  • Grampians Region. …
  • Hume Region. …
  • Loddon Mallee Region. …
  • Melbourne.

Is Phillip Island regional or metro?

Phillip Island is part of the Bass Coast Shire Council area, which is situated in Victoria’s south towards Gippsland. According to the State Government, it is not part of the metro area where lockdown restrictions are in force.

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What is the postcode for Emerald?

Also known as Greater Melbourne, metropolitan Melbourne is the geographical area that defines Melbourne as a city and the capital of the state of Victoria. … Victoria is divided into 79 local government areas – with 31 of them located in metropolitan Melbourne .

Is Sunbury regional Victoria?

Sunbury is a regional city located 39km north-west of Melbourne’s CBD in the City of Hume. Statistically, Sunbury is considered part of Greater Melbourne.

Is Phillip Island considered regional?

Many more have a holiday home on this island 140 kilometres south-east of Melbourne. …

Is Doreen regional Victoria?

Doreen is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 28 km north-east from Melbourne’s Central Business District. Its local government areas are the City of Whittlesea and the Shire of Nillumbik.

Doreen, Victoria.

Doreen Victoria
State electorate(s) Yan Yean
Federal division(s) McEwen

What does it mean by regional?

adjective. of or relating to a region of considerable extent; not merely local: a regional meeting of the Boy Scouts. of or relating to a particular region, district, area, or part, as of a country; sectional; local: regional differences in pronunciation.

Is Mornington regional Victoria?

As part of our Realistic Roadmap, the Victorian Liberal Nationals believe the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley should also be treated as ‘regional Victoria’ for the purposes of easing restrictions. The Bellarine Peninsula is regarded as regional Victoria.

Which is the best regional area in Australia?

The best regional areas are Perth, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, and Cairns. Each of them is unique one way or another.

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Is the Dandenong Ranges Regional?

“Since the pandemic began, we have consistently had very low case numbers in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges, which are more reflective of regional Victoria rates, and data shows we’ve had no positive cases during this current outbreak.

Is Pakenham considered regional?

Pakenham is a satellite suburb of Melbourne on the edge of the West Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, 53 km (33 mi) south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the Shire of Cardinia local government area. Pakenham recorded a population of 46,421 at the 2016 Census.

Is Yarra Glen regional Vic?

Yarra Glen is a town in Victoria, Australia, 40 km north-east from Melbourne’s central business district. Its local government area is the Shire of Yarra Ranges. At the 2016 census, Yarra Glen had a population of 2,869.

Yarra Glen, Victoria.

Yarra Glen Victoria
State electorate(s) Eildon
Federal division(s) Casey