Is Emerald Vic a good place to live?

Are there snakes in Emerald Victoria?

There are a plenty of snakes around the hills, but the chances of seeing them is minimal. Lots of houses off the main roads in Emerald and the hills are on tank water.

What is there to do in Emerald Vic?

Top Attractions in Emerald

  • Emerald Lake. 110. …
  • Cardinia Reservoir Park. Nature & Wildlife Areas • Parks. …
  • Puffing Billy Playground. Playgrounds. …
  • Emerald Lake Model Railway. Speciality Museums.
  • Eastern Dandenong Ranges Visitor Information Centre. Visitor Centres.
  • Emerald Museum. …
  • Butterfield Reserve. …
  • Gemco Community Theatre.

What is Emerald like to live?

It offers a relaxed lifestyle, plenty of rewarding work, and beautiful nearby natural attractions. Emerald is 883 km northwest of Brisbane and 270 km west of Rockhampton. … Emerald is a thriving regional town, with plenty of major retailers, monthly markets, a modern hospital and lots of allied health professionals.

How high above sea level is Emerald Victoria?

Emerald is at an elevation/altitude/height above sea level of 321 m above sea level.

Are there Taipans in Victoria?

The inland taipan first came to the attention of Western science in 1879. Two specimens of the fierce snake were discovered in the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers in northwestern Victoria and described by Frederick McCoy, who called the species Diemenia microlepidota, or small-scaled brown snake.

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Do death adders live in Victoria?

Common Death Adders are found in Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Can you swim in Emerald Lake Victoria?

A nice family friendly park. You can swim in the lake if you wish and there is fishing available. Feed the ducks, there is a couple of good walks and Shelters with BBQ’s. The paddleboats are open for hire at various times.

Is Emerald Victoria Regional?

Emerald is a suburb in the Greater Melbourne area of Victoria, Australia, 44 km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the Shires of Cardinia and Yarra Ranges local government areas.

What is Emerald Victoria postcode?

Because of its tall design, the Emerald allows chest level access to your possessions – it is the perfect watch safe for big time collectors.

Why is emerald called emerald?

Its name comes from the ancient Greek word for green, “smaragdus.” Rome’s Pliny the Elder described emerald in his Natural History, published in the first century AD: “… … Emeralds from what is now Colombia were part of the plunder when sixteenth-century Spanish explorers invaded the New World.

Why is the town emerald called emerald?

The town takes its name from the emerald and other precious stone deposits in the area and from the pastoral run Emerald Downs, a name chosen circa 1860 by pastoralist Peter Fitzallan Macdonald. … Emerald was established in 1879 as a base for the Central line from Rockhampton.