Is Stauer Jewelry any good?

Stauer watches have a reputation for being both high quality and affordable. … Stauer watches are high-quality and designed to compete with much more expensive brands. Even its more affordable watches are designed to last and look good.

Is stauer a reliable company?

Stauer has a consumer rating of 1.51 stars from 25 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Stauer ranks 220th among Watch sites.

Who owns Stauer Jewelry?

Mike Bisceglia joined the board of the MCV Foundation in 2020. He is the president and co-founder of Stauer Watch and Jewelry Company and the president and founder of Metrix Media. Stauer Watch and Jewelry Company is one of the largest gemstone dealers in the world.

Where is stauer located?

Call Us Up! Give us a call and speak to one of our representatives all of whom are based either in Minneapolis, MN or Richmond, VA.

Are Stauer watches made in Switzerland?

Inspired by the mystery of late nights, the Stauer Minuit is an exceptional Swiss-made timepiece in a category all its own. It took the designers months to get the look of this timepiece just right. If your favorite color is blue, here’s your chance to see it in a whole new way.

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Is stauer Turquoise real?

We found a limited supply of turquoise from Arizona and snatched it up for our Sedona Turquoise Collection. Inspired by the work of those ancient craftsmen and designed to showcase the exceptional blue stone, each stabilized vibrant cabochon features a unique, one-of-a-kind matrix surrounded in Bali metalwork.

What is DiamondAura?

The Ultimate Diamond Alternative® The Ultimate Diamond Alternative®, DiamondAura® gives you the luxury look and feel of large-carat diamonds for a fraction of the price. The process involves heating stones at an incredibly high temperature of nearly 5000°F.

Why are Stauer watches so cheap?

Stauer is a different type of watch company as they purchase their stones and jewels in very large quantities for very low prices. They do not do wholesale themselves, so no overhead in that regard and they produce all of their own stuff.

Are Stauer watches junk?

Stauer (like Steinhausen) is the bottom of the barrel cheap Chinesium junk. Don’t expect it to last long. Reliability and durability are among the worst for the mechanicals. Quartz models use the cheapest movements available that only cost a few dollars – retail for a quantity of one from a watch repair parts supplier.

How do I cancel my stauer account?

If you would like to opt-out of marketing emails from Stauer, please click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your most recent email. We take your privacy seriously and will unusbscribe you immediately.

What movement is in a stauer watch?

The Stauer 1930 Dashtronic- deftly blends the modern functionality of a 21-jewel automatic movement and 3-ATM water resistance with the distinctive, retro look of a jumping display (not an actual jumping complication).

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Are Stauer watches waterproof?

CLASSIC MEN’S DRESS WATCH – Our modern take on a 1929 classic, yours for this unbelievably nostalgic price! Vintage-inspired luxury timepiece with quartz accuracy.

Watch Information.

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Stauer
Movement Quartz
Water resistant depth 30 Meters

How do you set a stauer watch?

To set the time: Pull the crown out to position “1” (see diagram part C) which will allow you to position watch hands for proper time selection. Rotate the crown clockwise until the desired time is set. 2. When finished setting the time, push the crown back to the “0” (zero) position.