Is the gem mine worth upgrading COC?

Is it worth it to upgrade gem mine?

So, in conclusion, is the gem mine worth spending gems on? The simple answer is, if you are planning to play the game for a long time then yes. If you are not sure, then hang on and save your gems for masteries or to invest into the gem mine once you have made up your mind if you will stick with the game or not.

How good is the gem mine in clash of clans?

At max level, it produces 4.8 Gems per day. In a longer prospective, a max level Gem Mine will generate 1,752 Gems in one non-leap year, and 1,756.8 Gems in a leap-year.

How long does it take to rebuild the gem mine?

Gem Mine

Level Build Cost Build Time
6 1,500,000 12 hr
7 2,500,000 1 day
8 3,500,000 2 days
9 4,500,000 3 days

Does the clock tower speed up the gem mine?

The Clock Tower is a building that can be repaired at Builder Hall Level 4. … This duration can be increased by upgrading the Clock Tower. It will speed up resource collectors, construction, upgrades and research timers.

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How much do gem miners make?

Most gemology jobs can begin at salaries of $30,000 per year. Depending on the specific position and job location, some may reach six figures for people with additional experience.

How many diamonds do you get from the mini mine in my singing monsters?

The Mini Mine costs Coins and produces 2 Diamonds every 24 hours, or 1 Diamond every 12 hours. The Maximum Mine requires a premium currency purchase to upgrade, but it produces 4 Diamonds every 24 hours, or 2 Diamonds every 12 hours.

How many gems are there in the world?

Gemstones are composed of a variety of minerals, rocks, and organic material. With over 300 gemstones currently documented, there are bound to be some that are significantly more rare and valuable than the iconic diamond.

How does gem mining work?

Underground mining consists of digging shafts and tunnels underground to reach buried ore deposits which are then brought to the surface via the tunnels. … A tunnel is made from the surface down to the gem-bearing rock. This mining is usually done by blasting or using a pick-axe to remove the gem rough.

How do you upgrade builder Hut?

Once the Town Hall is upgraded to level 14, the Builder’s Hut can be upgraded to add a short-range turret that fires at enemies. Once this is done, the corresponding Builder will also be able to participate in the battle by repairing buildings around his hut instead of running to the Town Hall.

Where can I find gemstones in the UK?

Homegrown Treasures – Hunting For Gems In The UK

  • BLUE JOHN FLUORITE. Found: Derbyshire, England. …
  • CAIRNGORM QUARTZ. Found: Aberdeenshire, Scotland. …
  • WELSH GOLD. Found: Carmarthenshire, Wales. …
  • AMBER. Found: Suffolk Coastline, England.
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How can I get gems in COC?

However, there are many ways to get free gems in the game:

  1. Earn Gems by completing achievements.
  2. Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in your village. …
  3. Open the gem box that appears in your village now and then.
  4. Keep an eye out for any ongoing events that reward gems.
  5. Repair the Gem Mine in the Builder Base.

Is upgrading the clock tower worth it?

So the clock tower is now only used to speed up the upgrades, resource production, research and removing obstacles. But the speed boost it gives to the night village is way much faster than the speed boost that a builder potion gives to the home village. So it is worth upgrading.

How many hours does the clock tower potion take off?

Clock Tower boost duration has been increased from 3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes (Clock Tower Potion’s duration remains at 30 minutes). Clock Tower boost cooldown time has been increased from 7 hours to 22 hours. The Gem cost to refresh the Clock Tower cooldown has been reduced.