Question: Who wrote diamonds rust?

Who wrote Diamonds and Rust Judas Priest?

In a recent interview with QMI Agency, folk icon Joan Baez was asked what she thought of JUDAS PRIEST’s classic cover of her song “Diamonds And Rust”, which can be found on the band’s 1977 album “Sin After Sin”. “I love that!” she replied. “I was so stunned when I first heard it. I thought it was wonderful.

Who wrote Diamonds by Rihanna?

At her show in Berkeley, California, on Sunday night, Lana Del Rey welcomed Greenwich Village folk icon Joan Baez to the stage. Together they performed one of Baez’s signature songs, “Diamonds & Rust.” The two dueted over Baez’s guitar, singing about Baez’s memories with the one and only Bob Dylan.

Who sang diamonds in the rust?

Joan Baez
Diamonds and Rust/Исполнители
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