Quick Answer: What is awakening gem in contest of champions?

What is awakening stone in contest of champions?

Awakening gems are used to awaken the signature ability of a Champion that you have not yet received a duplicate for. Using this item will turn your Champion’s stars from gold to platinum and will unlock their signature ability at level one, adding to their strength.

What is awakening gem?

Awakened Support Gem is a subtype of support gems that are better versions of existing support gems which at level one are more powerful than the level 20 versions of the ones they replace. Their effects do not stack with their normal versions.

Is Sentinel worth awakening?

Sentinel’s signature ability is nice to have, but is not required to effectively play the champ in general questing, as it simply reduces your analysis ramp-up time. For high-level timed gameplay, such as Alliance War and Map 7, you’ll want Sentinel awakened to reduce the risk of a time-out.

Are sunspots worth awakening?

Sunspot is currently the #3 Prestige 5* Mutant Champion, and is the #1 Prestige 6* Mutant. His synergies also scale with his Signature Level. He is worth a Mutant Awakening Gem and Mutant Signature Stones if you are taking the champion to 5/65.

Where do I get awakening stones?

Dawn Stone is located in Lake of Outrage (Wild Area). It’s in the north-west of the Wild Area. There’s a big rock circle there. Behind each rock you find a different type of Evolution Stone, one of them is the Dawn Stone.

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Does Tigra need to be awakened MCOC?

She doesn’t NEED awakened ability.

Does quake need to be duped MCOC?

Nope, don’t need it, only reflects block damage back at the opponent.

Is Mojo good MCOC?

Mojo is a solid addition to The Contest, but will certainly be overshadowed by Longshot this month. It’s not that Mojo isn’t good. He is a good champion. The main issue is there isn’t much content in the game right now where he looks like an A option.

Does cull obsidian need to be awakened MCOC?

Cull Obsidian doesn’t need to be awakened per se, you just get one rout buff instead of unlimited, but in most fights you just need one, he is not suited for lol and rol. AW and AQ depends on your level but the chip damage he takes makes him mid tier.