Quick Answer: What kind of gems can be found in Michigan?

Are any gemstones found in Michigan?

Michigan is the only state where gem quality greenstone has been found. The best quality gemstone has been obtained from the Isle Royale Mines in Lake Superior in Keweenaw County. Chlorastrolite has also been found in Delaware Mines located in Keweenaw County.

Where can I mine my gems in Michigan?

The Upper Peninsula beaches are best for finding agates, while the Lower Peninsula is the place to go for Petoskey Stones. The best places to rockhound in Michigan are the Keweenaw Peninsula, Isle Royale, Manitou Island, Marquette County, and the shorelines of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Are emeralds found in Michigan?

Michigan Emeralds and Large Garnets

There are emeralds in Michigan. Even though the colors of these emeralds are usually light they can still come in dark green to dark blue green. Theses emeralds are found in an old iron mine in Marquette County.

Can Amethyst be found in Michigan?

Amethyst is recovered from veins in granite and other rocks around Thunder Bay, Ontario, and to a lesser extent from Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.

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Can diamonds be found in Michigan?

Jack Van Alstine, geologist at the Michigan State Department of Natural Resources at Marquette, said diamonds have been found in northern Michigan and Wisconsin within the last 100+ years. … Diamonds that floated down on glaciers have been found in the area.

Are there rubies in Michigan?

Also known as Isle Royale greenstone, it is found in just one peninsula in upper Michigan (as well as Isle Royale in Lake Superior, although it’s illegal to collect specimens there).

Where can I go rockhounding in Michigan?

10 Best Rock Hunting Beaches in Northern Michigan

  • Van’s Beach, Leland.
  • Petoskey State Park.
  • Point Betsie Lighthouse Beach, Frankfort.
  • Empire Beach.
  • Mission Point Lighthouse, Old Mission Peninsula.
  • Barnes Park, Antrim County.
  • Peterson Park, Northport.
  • Christmas Cove, Northport.

Where can I find quartz in Michigan?

Vein quartz is abundant at the Michigan Gold Mine a few miles west and north of Ishpeming. Some fragments of quartz contain tourmaline, a black shiny mineral in long needle-like crystals.

Where can I find obsidian in Michigan?

Two archeologists found pieces of obsidian, pictured, at a dig in Lake Huron, Michigan that are over 9,000 years old and from the Wagontire area.

Is labradorite found in Michigan?

Labradorite – Found in Dickinson, Houghton, Iron, Keweenaw, and Marquette Counties. … Found in Baraga, Dickinson, Gogebic, Houghton, Keweenaw, Marquette, and Ontonagon Counties. Neotocite – Found in Gogebic, and Iron Counties. Olivine – Used as gemstones, in bricks, and in refractory sand.

Is malachite found in Michigan?

Malachite from Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan, USA.

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Can you find turquoise in Michigan?

Chrysocolla is quite abundant and widespread in Michigan’s copper country. I have found some wonderful specimens while hunting copper on the old spoil piles. … Sometimes the Chrysocolla is so nice in the Upper Peninsula that you would swear it was Turquoise.

What crystals can you find in Lake Michigan?

Fascinating facts and photos featuring the most common beach stones found along Lake Michigan shorelines, as well as several unusual kinds; includes various types of basalt, septarian, limestone, granite, gabbro, diorite, gneiss, schist, sandstone, silt stone, mudstone, geodes, chalcedony and agate.

Where can I find blue stones in Michigan?

The slag that formed Leland Blue, is obviously blue in color, but can sometimes be darker, lighter, or different shades of blue/green. This beautiful stone can be found on the shores of Leland’s beaches and other beachfront areas in Northern Michigan.