Quick Answer: Who wrote the necklace Class 10?

It is the 7th chapter in the English coursebook for class 10 and is written by the author, Guy De Maupassant who was born on the 5th of August in 1850. Maupassant is quite renowned for his short stories like The Necklace, Boule de Suif, Two Friends, The Horla and much more.

Who is the writer of The Necklace Class 10th?

Summary of The Necklace

The author of this story was Guy de Maupassant.

Who is the writer of The Necklace?

Guy de Maupassant is regarded as the best French writer of short stories. His 300 stories were written in the naturalist style and often described the life of the lower and middle classes. “Boule de suif” (“Ball of Fat”) is regarded as his best story, while the best known is “La Parure” (“The Necklace”).

Who is the author of the story The Necklace Mcq?

MCQs of Class 10 English Chapter 7, The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant have been compiled for students to practice.

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Who is the author of Mathilde Loisel?

Author: Shubham Yadav

Story takes place in France, during the 1800s, and focuses on the lives of the Loisel family.

Who are the characters of the necklace?

The main characters in “The Necklace” are Mathilde Loisel, Monsieur Loisel, and Madame Forestier.

  • Mathilde Loisel dreams of being rich and is self-conscious about her middle-class status. …
  • Monsieur Loisel is Mathilde’s husband and a government clerk. …
  • Madame Forestier is Mathilde’s wealthy friend.

What kind of person is her husband?

Her husband is a very simple and kind- hearted person. He is an ordinary man who just like others is caring and wants his wife to be happy.

Why did the author write the necklace?

The author’s purpose for writing The Necklace was to show things happen for a reason. Mathilde did not know her own worth or value and ended up doing foolish things to feel satisfied. The new dress was not necassary but she just asked for more than the good things she didn’t cherish enough.

Did Guy de Maupassant get married?

Maupassant continued to write, composing over 300 short stories during his career. He was inspired by the works of Gustave Flaubert, whom he met through his mother’s childhood friend, Louis Bouilhet. Although Maupassant never married, he had many lovers, one, Joséphine Litzelmann, with whom he had three children.

When was the necklace written?

“The Necklace,” or “La Parure” in French, first appeared in the Parisian Newspaper Le Gaulois in 1884. The story was an immediate success, and Maupassant later included it in his short-story collection Tales of Day and Night (1885).

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Who is the author of the story the hack driver?

Summary of The Hack Driver

The author of the story was an American novelist Sinclair Lewis. This is an amusing tale about a young lawyer who is very innocent. He goes to a village to serve to summon to a person called Oliver Lutkins. At the railway station, he meets a person who introduced himself as Bill.

What does Mathilde believe she deserved?

Answer: Maupassant describes Mathilde Loisel as a woman who wants more than she has and envy those who have more than her she believes she deserves more than she has – possessions are bring her happiness. Which city is the setting for the necklace?

Why did Matilda utter a cry?

She attracted the attention of many men who wanted to be introduced to her. Returning from the party, she wanted to have a final view of herself in her glory, in the mirror. Suddenly she uttered a cry as the necklace was not around her neck. Mr Loisel went out in the night in search of the lost necklace.

Who is Mathilde in the necklace?

Mathilde Loisel is the daughter of a middle-class family and is married to M. Loisel. A remarkably beautiful woman, Mathilde is perpetually dissatisfied with her lot in life, constantly dreaming of the glamour and riches to which she feels her beauty entitles her.

How is Mathilde presented in the necklace?

Guy de Maupassant presents Mathilde Loisel as a proud, vain, ungrateful woman who suffers not because of some strange twist of fate, but as a direct result of her character flaws.

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Who was Jeanne in the story the necklace?

Mme. Forestier is a well-to-do friend of Mathilde’s from her convent-school days. She has a marvelous collection of jewelry and lets Mathilde borrow an expensive-looking necklace for the party.