What ethnicity is Ruby from on my block?

Physical Appearance. Ruby is 5’1 and is the shortest of all his friends. He is a gentleman. He is of Mexican descent with wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes.

What nationality is Ruby from on my block?

Jason Genao plays Ruby Martinez. The 25-year-old Dominican-born American actor is probably most known for his role as Napoleon in Netflix’s The Get Down.

Is Ruby from on my block Puerto Rican?

Ruby Martinez is played by Jason Genao

Jason Genao plays Ruby Martinez. The 25-year-old Dominican-born American actor is probably most known for his role as Napoleon in Netflix’s The Get Down.

What is Caesar’s ethnicity on my block?

Physical Appearance. Cesar is a Latino male, he has tan skin and black hair.

Is Ruby from on my block Dominican?

Any fan of Netflix’s On My Block is also a fan of the charismatic Ruby Martinez, played by Jason Genao. … Jason is 100% Dominican. Both of his parents are from the Dominican Republic. His hometown is Jersey City, New Jersey.

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Who is Ruby’s girlfriend On My Block?

Jessica Marie Garcia (Jasmine Flores) is 34.

Jessica plays Ruby’s girlfriend on the dramedy, and she was in her thirties when she first portrayed Jasmine on the screen. Aside from On My Block, the actress is otherwise best known for Huge, The Middle, Liv and Maddie, Betch, and How to Get Away with Murder.

Is Ruby a midget On My Block?

Actor Jason Genao has not reported anything concerning disability or his medical condition. Since he is not so tall, the audiences assume that he might have an irreversible health condition. Also, they suspect that he is a victim of dwarfism. To be true, Genao is not a dwarf at all.

What race is Jamal from on my block?

Brett Gray as Jamal Turner, the nerd of the group, who is African-American. In season 1, he is drawn into finding a hidden treasure scheme surrounding RollerWorld.

What nationality is Diego Tinoco?

Sierra Capri was born on September 11th 1998, so she is 21 years old as of 2019. Sierra Capri ethnicity is African-American. She was raised solely by her mother and has a very close relationship with her.

Does Diego Tinoco speak Spanish?

Diego, who grew up speaking Spanish as his first language, says it took him a long time to realize “how much [Latinos] weren’t represented in the TV community because you’re like, ‘This is normal for the main star of the show to have blonde hair and blue eyes.

What happened to Ruby from On My Block?

The final season of On My Block brought everything full circle. Ruby finally faced Latrelle in prison during season 4’s eighth episode. Ruby nearly died after Latrelle shot him in the season 1 finale. The bullet that went through Ruby actually killed Olivia.

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Is Monse from On My Block Hispanic?

Character Description

Monse is a headstrong, bossy girl of Afro-Latina descent. She was raised by her single father.

Why does Olivia live with Ruby?

Olivia was born in Texas to immigrant parents from Mexico. Being a friend of Ruby’s family, they take her in after her parents get deported back to Mexico and she becomes a member of the friend group.