What is a 9 carat brown diamond worth?

A 9-carat diamond can be anywhere from $19,000 to well over $1,000,000, depending on the cut, color, and clarity. However, since a D color (colorless) diamond, as well as a diamond of flawless clarity, are exceptionally rare at . 001% of mined diamonds, a high-end 9-carat diamond that can be bought is about $200,500.

What is a 9 carat chocolate diamond worth?

The average wholesale price of a 9 carat diamond is calculated by multiplying the price per carat value by 9. The wholesale prices for GIA Certified a 9 carat diamond will range between $123,201 and $1,804,815.

Is a brown diamond valuable?

Make no mistakes, brown diamonds are still diamonds and they are valuable, but within the niche of rare natural fancy colored diamonds, brown diamonds are among the most common (along with yellow diamonds) and are the most affordable from all colored diamonds (besides black diamonds).

Are chocolate diamonds worthless?

How valuable are chocolate diamonds? Of all the colored diamonds, chocolate diamonds are some of the least valuable. This low value is due to many chocolate diamonds being opaque in color with very little shine.

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Why are brown diamonds so expensive?

Why are Chocolate Diamonds so expensive? Diamonds get their color by how they’re formed, whether it was a different element that got pulled into the carbon structure. … Whatever the reason, diamonds come in a rainbow of bright, beautiful colors, and then there are brown diamonds.

Who found a 9 carat diamond worth?

Persistence pays. Kevin Kinard was visiting Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park when he discovered a 9.07 carat diamond. Kinard, from Maumelle, Arkansas, has been going to park since a second-grade field trip — even though he had always come back empty-handed. He’s 33 now.

What is a top light brown diamond?

Stuller also carries top light brown (TLB), which refers to a very light shade of brown stones. On the diamond color scale, these diamonds would be compared to L-M color. In the figure above, these diamonds are displayed as C1-C3.

Why are brown diamonds cheap?

It is that simple. Most consumers buy chocolate diamonds because they fall in love with how pretty it looks. Given the low prices, for even fairly large stones, they offer better value for money than almost any other diamond.

What are brown diamonds used for?

Brown diamonds are diamonds with a brown bodycolor. As recently as the 1980s, most brown diamonds were crushed to make abrasive granules. Today they are used in new jewelry designs that take advantage of their sparkle and their attractive brown color.

Which is also called brown diamond?

Lignite is known as ‘brown diamond’ since it is coal in brown color.

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Where do brown diamonds come from?

Where do Chocolate Diamonds® come from? Apart from several brown, caramel and champagne-colored diamond mining sites in Brazil, Angola, the Congo and Borneo, most brown diamonds and other similarly-colored stones originate from the Argyle Diamond Mine located in Northwestern Australia.

What is the rarest color of diamonds?

What Are the Rarest Diamond Colors?

  • Red Diamonds. The rarest of all colored diamonds, only 20 to 30 natural red diamonds exist in the entire world. …
  • Blue Diamonds. Also incredibly rare are blue diamonds, which have only been found naturally in mines in South Africa, India, and Australia. …
  • Pink Diamonds. …
  • Yellow Diamonds.

What makes a diamond brown?

Brown diamonds are the most common color variety of natural diamonds. … There are several causes for the brown color, including irradiation treatment, nickel impurities and lattice defects associated with plastic deformation; the last is the predominant cause, especially in pure diamonds.

How do you identify a brown diamond?

Natural brown diamonds are part of the “fancy color” or “colored” category, so look for the word “brown” in the color description on a diamond’s certificate. If it’s not there, then it’s not a genuine brown diamond.

What is the meaning of brown diamond?

The gorgeous brown diamond is formed due to its content of nitrogen. Unlike, red diamonds, brown colored diamonds are available in high amounts. It’s believed that the magnificent brown diamond connects the bearer with the world and nature. It also symbolizes order, stability, and clarity. Yellow colored diamonds.

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