What is a heishi necklace?

The literal meaning of heishi is “shell” and specifically refers to pieces of shell which have been drilled and ground into beads and then strung into necklaces. More and more frequently, however, heishi (pronounced hee-shee) has come to refer to hand-made tiny beads made of any natural material.

What are heishi beads used for?

Heishi beads are always disc-shaped. Heishi is a term jewelry makers use to make a particular style of jewelry, as well as the beads used to create that style. Heishi beads are traditionally made from shell, turquoise or lapis lazuli but can be made from many other stones as well.

What is Santo Domingo heishi?

Heishi, from the Santo Domingo word meaning “shell,” traditionally referred to shell beads. Today, however, it describes tiny, handmade beads of any material. In the ancient necklaces made by Ancestral Pueblo people, many containing thousands of beads, each hole was drilled with a cactus needle and sand.

How heishi beads are made?

Heishi beads are made by slicing the shell or stone into uniform strips. Then the pieces are nipped into small squares. Each square then has a hole drilled in it. The squares are strung, each material being strung in a separate group.

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What is a Santo Domingo necklace?

Santo Domingo Jewelry is famous for its hand-rolled turquoise heishi beads. The Santo Domingo Beads are very fine, some of the best heishi on the market. Almost everyone loves Santo Domingo Jewelry and the Santo Domingo Bead Jewelry is very easy to wear everyday.

What is a heishi bracelet?

Heishe or heishi (pronounced “hee shee”) are small disc- or tube-shaped beads made of organic shells or ground and polished stones. They come from the Kewa Pueblo people (formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo) of New Mexico, before the use of metals in jewelry by that people.

What are rondelle beads made of?

Often round, a bead has a hole drilled through it for stringing. A bead can be made from a variety of materials including, but not limited to: glass, plastic, metal, bone and stone.

What did the ancestral Puebloans use shell jewelry for?

Shell was used as an adornment by the Ancestral Puebloan people long before the introduction of silver by the Europeans. Shells with inlaid stone have been found at prehistoric sites across the Southwest. Shells were traded with tribes that were closer to the sea and were considered a valuable trade item.

What are rondelle beads?

A rondelle bead is disc or doughnut shaped and is wider than the height of the bead. These beads are often used as spacers to separate other beads. Also see Czech faceted rondelle beads.

What is Santo Domingo turquoise?

Santo Domingo is one of the Rio Grande Pueblos in Northern New Mexico. For centuries the Pueblo people have been mining turquoise at Cerrillos, south of what is now Santa Fe, and have been acquiring other turquoise from as far away as Nevada, California and Colorado.

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What is Pueblo necklace?

The pueblo is famous for Native American turquoise jewelry, especially turquoise necklaces, the beads of which can be finely cut to hair strand lengths if so desired. Mosaic inlaid pieces are another traditional form of Santo Domingo jewelry, often featuring turquoise on a shell base.

What is Pueblo jewelry?

Pieces of turquoise and other stones are shaped and inlaid in a work of jewelry to create a shape or to show off the stone. … Other stones include “white and red shell (Abalone and spiny oyster), black petrified wood, or lignite,” which is a sedimentary rock created by pressed peat.