What is Helzberg Diamond Illusion?

What is an illusion diamond?

An illusion setting enhances the perceived size of the diamond within a setting. Most illusion set engagement rings present a small diamond surrounded by patterned precious metal. As a result, the setting appears larger from a distance. The overall effect of the gives an illusion of a larger diamond.

Is Helzberg Diamonds Ethical?

ethical diamond sourcing

By adhering to the Kimberley Process, American Gem Society and World Diamond Council standards, we can ensure that our natural diamonds are ethically sourced from start to finish.

Are illusion diamonds real?

You’ve always wanted a large, flashy diamond. Yes, the illusion setting looks like a big diamond but it’s not one. You will know that it’s made up of cleverly crafted metal or a cluster of smaller diamonds.

What is illusion jewelry?

An “illusion setting” is a style of jewellery setting which enhances the appearance, and especially the perceived size, of the diamonds in it.

Is helzberg better than Zales?

Compare company reviews, salaries and ratings to find out if Helzberg Diamonds or Zales – The Diamond Store is right for you. Helzberg Diamonds is most highly rated for Culture and Zales – The Diamond Store is most highly rated for Work/life balance.

Overall Rating.

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Overall Rating 3.6 3.2
Culture 3.5 3.0

What is a masterpiece diamond?

Handcrafted exclusively for Helzberg Diamonds, less than 0.5% of all diamonds qualify to become a Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece. With an Ideal cut that creates the perfect balance of sparkle and fire, these diamonds are available in an array of carat weights, set in a variety of stunning settings exclusive to Helzberg.

Who bought Helzberg Diamonds?

Inspired by the Royal Azel’s success, Helzberg Limited Edition was introduced. Helzberg counts 101 stores across 22 states. After a chance meeting on the streets of New York City, Barnett sold the company to Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett – leaving the company with a tremendous opportunity for grown.

Is Solitaire a diamond?

What is a solitaire? A Solitaire diamond is a single diamond. This popular term refers to jewellery set with a single diamond. To clarify, “Solitaire” refers to any piece of jewellery set with one gemstone.

What is a baguette diamond?

A baguette diamond is a step-cut diamond commonly used as a side stone or accent stone. Baguette diamonds are long and rectangular or tapered and feature 14 facets.

When were illusion Settings popular?

Also called monture illusion or mirage setting, the revival of the illusion setting in the 1860s is credited to a Parisian jeweler, Oscar Massin (b. 1829). Mssr. Massin is actually quite famous in jewelry circles for his contributions to the burgeoning Art Nouveau movement in the late 1890s.

What is a miracle diamond setting?

The Miracle Plate setting is a thin faceted plate of gold with a hole in between to place the diamond. This gold plate is rhodium plated that ensures maximum light reflection to give the illusion of a bigger diamond. Miracle Plates are a great way of buy diamond jewellery on a budget yet sport that big diamond look.

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What does invisible set diamond mean?

What Is an Invisible Setting? Just like the name suggests, invisible settings make it look like a diamond is virtually floating inside the ring. You can’t see any prongs or bezels, just the sparkling stones and the precious metal of the ring. … It can’t be used for round cut diamonds or for stones with rounded edges.

What is a pressure set diamond?

Pressure setting is a form of setting of diamonds or gemstones where 7 or more smaller diamonds are set together using a collect and a few prongs, such that all these small diamonds combined together give the appearance of a single large diamond or solitaire.