What is my bank account code diamond?

Dial *937*Amount# from the phone number registered to your Diamond Bank account. A list of all your account numbers would be displayed on your screen.

How do I find my Diamond Bank code?

USSD Code To Check Diamond (Access) Bank Account Balance

To check Diamond (Access) Bank account balance on mobile phone… Dial *901*00# » Authenticate using a four (4) digit security code (You can create a security code using the Menu option). Your account balance is immediately generated after this has been provided.

What is Diamond Bank code?

What is Diamond Bank Transfer Code? Diamond bank transfer code is *426#. This diamond transfer code is the bank’s mobile banking, where you can complete all transactions via USSD code. They call it “Simpler banking”.

How do I find my bank account code?

Find the 2nd series of numbers on the bottom of a check if you have one. The first series of numbers printed on the left-hand side of the bottom of a check is the bank’s 9-digit routing number. The second series of numbers, usually 10-12 digits, is your account number.

What is bank account code?

The Account Code is a six-digit field used to classify financial activities and balances within the General Ledger. The first digit of the account indicates whether it is a balance sheet or income statement item, as defined below.

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How do I check my diamond account?

Diamond Bank

  1. You can dial *426# and then insert 1 in response to the on-screen command to check your account balance.
  2. Open a Diamond Y’ello account by dialing *710# and then go ahead to check your account balance by dialing *710*556*PIN#

What is Diamond Xtra account?

DiamondXtra is an interest yielding hybrid account, which allows deposits of both cash and third-party cheques. Hybrid means a combination of both savings and current account features.

How do I get my Diamond Bank Transfer pin?

How To Register For The Transfer PIN

  1. On your account number registered mobile number, dial *426#
  2. Input the last six (6) digits of your debit ATM card if you want to register with your ATM card. …
  3. Input your Diamond Bank account number in the next prompt.
  4. Create a four (4) digits PIN and confirm it.

How do I transfer money to Diamond Bank?

Just follow these simple steps to complete your transfer:

  1. Select the ‘Bank Transfer’ service on the Nigeria page.
  2. Click the ‘Send Money’ button.
  3. Choose the payout-network – ‘Deposits to Access (Diamond) Bank NGN Accounts ONLY’
  4. We show you the exchange rate you’ll receive and our low fees upfront.

How can I check my bank account details?

Calling a Toll-Free Number

  1. Call 1800-270-3333 to check your account Balance.
  2. Dial 1800 1800-270-3355 to check your Mini statement.
  3. You can call 1800-270-3377 to get Account Statement.
  4. You can call 1800-270-3344 for mobile banking.

What is 3 digit bank code?

The first 2 or 3 digits indicate the financial institution and the other 3 or 4 digits are the branch codes assigned by the institution.

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How do I create my own account code?


  1. Select SETTINGS → Manage Chart of Accounts under the Finance section.
  3. Type Account Code and Account Name fields.
  4. Select the appropriate Expense Type from the drop-down.
  5. Select the appropriate Department from the drop-down. …