What is Ruby called in different languages?

How do you say Ruby in other languages?

In other languages ruby

  1. American English: ruby /ˈrubi/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: rubi.
  3. Chinese: 红宝石
  4. European Spanish: rubí
  5. French: rubis.
  6. German: Rubin.
  7. Italian: rubino.
  8. Japanese: ルビー

What Ruby means in French?

French Translation. rubis. More French words for ruby. le rubis noun. jewel.

What is red called in different languages?

The eleven colour words on this page have been indentified in various studies as the most common across most languages, although the actual colours represented by each of the colour words are not nescessarily exactly the same.

Colour words in many languages.

Language Afrikaans
Red rooi
Yellow geel
Blue blou
Green groen

What is precious in other languages?

In other languages precious

  • Arabic: نَفِيس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: precioso.
  • Chinese: 宝贵的
  • Croatian: dragocjen.
  • Czech: cenný
  • Danish: dyrebar.
  • Dutch: kostbaar.
  • European Spanish: precioso valioso.

What is the Japanese name for Ruby?

In Japanese, where ruby is often called furigana, phonetic transcriptions typically appear in hiragana characters above horizontal text and to the right of vertical text.

How do you say Emerald in other languages?

In other languages emerald

  1. American English: emerald /ˈɛmərəld, ˈɛmrəld/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: esmeralda.
  3. Chinese: 翡翠
  4. European Spanish: esmeralda.
  5. French: émeraude.
  6. German: Smaragd.
  7. Italian: smeraldo.
  8. Japanese: エメラルド
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How do you say Redhead in different languages?

In other languages redhead

  1. American English: redhead /ˈrɛdhɛd/
  2. Arabic: شَعْرُ أَحْمَر
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: ruivo.
  4. Chinese: 红发的人
  5. Croatian: crvenokos.
  6. Czech: zrzek.
  7. Danish: rødhåret person.
  8. Dutch: roodharige.

What does red mean in Japanese?

Red is a powerful color in traditional Japanese society, representing strong emotions rather than ideas. As the color of the sun in Japanese culture and on the Japanese flag, red is the color of energy, vitality, heat, and power.

How do you say sparkle in different languages?

In other languages sparkle

  1. American English: sparkle /ˈspɑrkəl/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: cintilar.
  3. Chinese: 闪闪发光
  4. European Spanish: relucir.
  5. French: scintiller.
  6. German: funkeln.
  7. Italian: sfavillare.
  8. Japanese: 輝く

What is French for rare?

it is rare to find … il est rare de trouver …

How do you say Phoenix in other languages?

Translations for Phoenix ˈfi nɪksPhoenix

  • feniksvoël, feniksAfrikaans.
  • فينيكس, عنقاء, فقنسArabic.
  • фениксBulgarian.
  • fènixCatalan, Valencian.
  • PhoenixCzech.
  • ffenicsWelsh.
  • føniks, phoenixDanish.
  • Phönix, PhGerman.