What is the difference between puts and return Ruby?

While methods like puts and print allow us to output to the console, this is different from Ruby’s concept of a return value. … This is because puts and print may print the value you want, but instead of returning that value, they return nil .

What’s the difference between P and puts in Ruby?

While the print method allows you to print information in the same line even multiple times, the puts method adds a new line at the end of the object. On the other hand, p is useful when you are trying to understand what your code does, e.g. when you are trying to figure out a certain error.

Do you need return in Ruby?

Ruby methods ALWAYS return the evaluated result of the last line of the expression unless an explicit return comes before it.

What is the return value of Puts?

Return Value

The puts() function returns EOF if an error occurs. A nonnegative return value indicates that no error has occurred.

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What is the difference between puts and print?

Hi, The difference between print and puts is that puts automatically moves the output cursor to the next line (that is, it adds a newline character to start a new line unless the string already ends with a newline), whereas print continues printing text onto the same line as the previous time.

What is return in Ruby?

Explicit return

Ruby provides a keyword that allows the developer to explicitly stop the execution flow of a method and return a specific value. … The return keyword returns nil if no value is passed as argument.

Does puts add a new line?

Puts automatically adds a new line at the end of your message every time you use it. If you don’t want a newline, then use print .

What is explicit return?

What is Explicit Return? A function is returned values using the return keyword, it’s called an explicit return. The Rules of Explicit Return. You must use an explicit return statement in a block body. Example // Single-line.

What does an if statement return Ruby?

2 Answers. If your if statement doesn’t result in any code being run, it returns nil, Otherwise, it returns the value of the code that was run. Irb is a good tool to experiment with such stuff.

What is a class in Ruby?

Ruby is an ideal object-oriented programming language. … A class is a blueprint from which objects are created. The object is also called as an instance of a class. For Example, the animal is a class and mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians are the instances of the class.

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Can you make a lot of money selling puts?

Limited Potential Profits

When you sell a put, the buyer pays you an option premium. The payment you receive is the maximum profit you can earn from the transaction. Other options strategies and investing strategies have much higher profit potential than selling puts.

How do you use puts?

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What is the function of Puts?

The puts function writes the provided argument to the output stream and appends a newline character at the end. If the execution is successful, the function returns a non-negative integer; otherwise, it returns an EOF (End-of-File) for any error.

How do you concatenate in Ruby?

Ruby | String concat Method

  1. Syntax:String_Object.concat(String_Object)
  2. Parameters: This method can take the string object and normal string as the parameters. If it will take integer then this method will convert them into the character.
  3. Returns: This method returns the concatenated string as a result.

What is pretty print Ruby?

This class implements a pretty printing algorithm. It finds line breaks and nice indentations for grouped structure. By default, the class assumes that primitive elements are strings and each byte in the strings have single column in width. PrettyPrint#breakable. …

What does gets chomp do in Ruby?

chomp is the method to remove trailing new line character i.e. ‘n’ from the the string. whenever “gets” is use to take i/p from user it appends new line character i.e.’n’ in the end of the string.So to remove ‘n’ from the string ‘chomp’ is used.

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