What is the fastest way to get rainbow gems in Grand Summoners?

You can earn 1 Rainbow Gem by Limit Breaking a ☆5 unit 5 times and then limit breaking the unit using the same unit. Be careful that this cannot be accomplished when you use “Unit Limit Break Stones (Unit LB Stone).” The weapons you can earn are very strong, but at least 25 Rainbow Gems are necessary.

How do I get more rainbow gems?

In One Piece Treasure Cruise, Rainbow Gems can be obtained through:

  1. Daily login-bonus.
  2. Clearing story missions.
  3. Entering ranking-missions.
  4. Playing event-missions.
  5. Treasure Map rewards.
  6. Transponder-Snails.
  7. Messages from Bandai.
  8. Event rewards.

How do you get lucky gems in Grand Summoner?

– Luck Points are used to enhance your units, and are applicable to all the copies of any given unit. They do not disappear when a unit is sold, but each point can only be used once. Luck Points are gained by summoning the same unit, Limit Break units for Luck Units and Lucky Gem.

Is naofumi good in Grand Summoners?

Naofumi has a great Arts, as it allows him to soak up damage for his entire team. This in tandem with his Defense slot and DMG Disable Lv2 passive make him a pretty tanky tank.

What do flux drops do?

Another important aspect of Crests are Flux Drops. These allow you to change the ability of a Crest. However, it cannot change the level.

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Who made grand Summoners?

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