Where are diamond candles made?

Our Ring Candles are made with Natural Soy wax and an exclusive blend of fragrances. Our production facility in Roxboro, NC does not use nuts or products made from them.

Are the diamonds in ForeverWick candle real?

Unlike other ring candle brands you may know, Foreverwick Candles uses real diamonds that are GIA certified, which is something that many people would love to find once their candles have melted. And, with a diamond rewards program, customers can collect their diamonds in exchange for 14K gold or white gold jewelry.

What are the candles with rings in them called?

Diamond Candles – The Original Ring Candle.

Are the rings in Jackpot candles sterling silver?

Jodie (Jackpot Candles)

The jewelry can range anywhere from a mixture of rhodium plated base metals to sterling silver and 14kt gold for higher valued rings.

What does 0.03 ct diamond mean?

0.03 ct. Gram weight: 0.01 g (0.0002 ounces) Points: 3 pts.

Where is ForeverWick located?

All orders are shipped from our location in Austin, TX via USPS, UPS & DHL. ForeverWick Candle ships to all 50 U.S. states and abroad and follows the standard methods available by USPS, UPS and DHL.

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How much is my prize candle ring worth?

I know some of you might be wondering how the whole prize deal works. Under the soy wax is a ring valued from $10 to $5000, and once your candle burns down far enough you will start to see the prize packaging.

What happened to jewelry in candles?

Update: Jewelry In Candles has now merged and become a part of JewelScent. You can find our JewelScent review here or visit our best ranked jewelry candle list here.

Are Royal Essence rings real?

Read More: Is the Jewellery in Royal Essence Candles Real? The short answer to this question is on the stamp inside the band of your ring! We are happy and proud to say that all our jewellery surprises are made with real 925 sterling silver. … We give away these one-of-a-kind rings every month!

How much do jackpot candles cost?

About Jackpot Candles

Each one of their candles contains a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry. These pieces can be rings, earrings, or necklaces, are either rhodium-plated, sterling silver, or 14K gold, and range in value from $15-$5,000.

What is a Cash Money candle?

Every Cash Money Candle has a cash prize. The most amount of ACTUAL cash you can get in your candle is up to a $100 bill. If you get over $100 you get a $2 bill plus a code that you can redeem for your GRAND prizes which can be worth up to the $2500! Just burn your candle down, and find your cash!

Has anyone got a 10000 ring from fragrant jewels?

Congratulations Nancy Ferguson from Illinois on becoming our most recent $10,000 Ring Winner. Her beautiful ring features a 1.25 carat center stone set in 14k white gold.

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Are the rings in the bath bombs real?

The rings in the bath bombs & candles themselves are definitely real & beautiful, but they aren’t diamond rings if that’s what you’re looking for, this would bankrupt us at our prices. … Answer B: The majority of our rings in our products are made of white gold (or rose gold) plate copper with AAA zircon crystals.

Do Fragrant Jewels rings turn your finger green?

Yes! All of the rings I got do turn your fingers green and within a few days of constant wear turn copper. Don’t buy them. … I’ve worn two rings from Fragrant Jewels and haven’t had any quality issues.