Where is Diamond Lake in Indiana?

Diamond Lake is a lake in Indiana and has an elevation of 860 feet. Diamond Lake is situated southwest of Michaels Ditch, and east of Yellow Creek Lake.

Where is Diamond Lake located?

Diamond Lake is a natural body of water in the southern part of the U.S. state of Oregon. It lies near the junction of Oregon Route 138 and Oregon Route 230 in the Umpqua National Forest in Douglas County.

Diamond Lake (Oregon)

Diamond Lake
Residence time 1.6 years
Shore length1 11 mi (18 km)
Surface elevation 5,183 ft (1,580 m)

Is Diamond Lake swimmable?

About Diamond Lake Beach

Diamond Lake Beach is a recreational destination for swimming, boating, boat and shelter rentals, special events, and more.

Is Diamond Lake safe?

Diamond Lake is in the 45th percentile for safety, meaning 55% of cities are safer and 45% of cities are more dangerous.

How big is diamond Lake indiana?

Diamond Lake is located in Noble County, Indiana. This lake is 105 acres in size.

Is Diamond Lake or open?

Diamond Lake Resort has evolved from a small fishing lodge built in the 1920s, to a modern family resort that offers year-round service.

At a Glance.

Current Conditions: 05/14/2021: Open
Open Season: Year-round
Usage: Medium-Heavy
Closest Towns: Roseburg, OR; Medford, OR
Water: Yes
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Is Diamond Lake a reservoir?

Diamond Valley Lake is a man-made off-stream reservoir located near Hemet, California, United States. It is one of the largest reservoirs in Southern California and also one of the newest. … The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) began the $1.9 billion construction project in 1995.

How big is Diamond Lake in Michigan?

Diamond Lake is 1,020 acres in size and up to 64 feet deep (see map). It has a flushing rate of 2.9 years (Water Quality Investigators 1994). Diamond Island (43.1 acres) is found in the center of the lake. Shoal areas (less than 20 feet deep) account for about 68% of the surface area of the lake.

Where is Diamond Lake in Michigan located?

Diamond Lake lies in central Cass County of southwestern Michigan, about 1 mile southeast of the city of Cassopolis. Diamond Lake is natural, having been formed during the Wisconsinan glacial stage (10,000 to 75,000 years ago).

Where is Diamond Lake in Illinois?

Diamond Lake is an unincorporated community in Lake County, Illinois, United States. Diamond Lake is located along Illinois Route 60 and Illinois Route 83, north of Long Grove and south of Mundelein.

Diamond Lake, Illinois
ZIP 60049
Area code(s) 847 & 224
GNIS feature ID 407183