Where is the jeweler Diablo?

Covetuous Shen is an NPC in Diablo 3 who serves as an Artisan – specifically, The Jeweler. He can be found in Act 2, hiding in a barrel in the Waterlogged Passage, during the story-quest Blood and Sand.

Where is the Jeweler in Diablo 2?

4 Answers. The Jewler is located in ACT II, you first acquire the Jeweler during Act II, Quest 7, Blood and Sand. Emerica. You will first encounter the Jeweler during the Act II quest “Blood and Sand.

How do I find Shen?

Shen Men lies in the valley called the triangular fossa. To locate this point, follow the anti-helix upwards to where it splits into an upper and lower branch. At the center of where it splits Shen Men is slightly inward and upward.

How do you socket jewelry in Diablo 3?

You can either roll one of the primary stats of a weapon into a socket using the “enchant” option at the Mystic , or, for a weapon, add one using a Ramaladni’s Gift . Weapons, off hands, helmets, and jewelry can have at most one socket, pants can have two, and chest pieces can have three.

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Who is the Jeweler in Diablo 3?

Covetous Shen is the jewellery specialist in Diablo 3, and you’ll first encounter him in Act 2 of the game.

Where is the gem Lady Diablo 3?

The Jeweler, Covetous Shen, is one of the three Artisans introduced in Diablo III. Like the Blacksmith and the Mystic, the Jeweler is located in the Caravan area. He handles item socketing and unsocketing, and upgrades gems.

Should I destroy the droid in Kotor?

Your options are to destroy the droid and tell the woman that you’ve destroyed it. This will eventually net her a real-life companion and is the Light Side choice to make. The neutral choice is to make him go back to her, which he’ll agree to do.

What jewel is covetous Shen looking?

Covetous Shen is looking for a particular jewel: The jewel contains a… powerful creature named Dirgest. He was trapped within it for terrible crimes against his people.

How do I level up my jeweler in Diablo 3?

In order to upgrade gems, it is required to provide the Jeweler with 3 gems of lesser quality, a small amount of gold and starting with tier 4 gems also specific Pages of Training. The table below shows the exact costs of upgrading each gems along with the required Jeweler level and way of recipe acquisition.

Where do I find gems in Diablo 3?

Gems drop randomly from every sort of target; monsters, Elites, chests, barrels, etc. At least one and often several gems drop from special targets, such as Resplendent chests, Treasure Goblins, Horadric Caches, etc. Gems can be upgraded in rank by the Jeweler for a fee of gold and materials.

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Can you remove a gem in Diablo 3?

0, all gems are free to unsocket with no gold cost. This can still only be done by the Jeweler. In Diablo III, the player upgrades gems through interaction with Covetous Shen, a jeweler. … Shen also offers to remove socketed gems from items, without destroying either one, also for a price.

What is augmenting an ancient item?

Augmenting an ancient item will apply the main stat in addition to what the item being augmented already has. Keep in mind that the gems will be consumed on each augment, so you will need a new legendary gem and 3 flawless royal gems for each subsequent augment you do.

How do you get death’s breath?

Death’s Breath is a Unique crafting material in Diablo III, obtained by killing elite enemies after level 61 (including bosses and Treasure Goblins, but not Greater Rift Guardians). As of patch 2.6. 5, it also drops from Horadric Caches.

Where is the waterlogged passage Diablo 3?

Waterlogged Passage is a small zone that is found between Hidden Aqueducts and Ancient Waterway in Diablo III.

When can you socket items in Diablo 3?

0, you can add a socket to a weapon if you find a Ramaladni’s Gift. This will only add a socket to a weapon if the weapon doesn’t already have a socket. Sockets are available through the Mystic on a random basis (if the random characteristic is capable of being changed.