Where is the red jewel in re3?

The first gem you’ll come across is the Red Jewel, which is in a Fancy Box inside the safe room of the donut shop. Using this on the memorial near the underground train will get you a grenade. The second jewel requires the Lockpick, which you need to use on the door to the toy shop Downtown.

Where does Red Jewel go re3?

Basic Information of Red Jewel

Where to Get Pick up in a Fancy Box at the Donut Shop.
Where to Use Use on the Clock Tower Memorial near the Subway.
Description An imitation ruby. Looks like it’s made to be slotted into something.

Where are the 3 jewels in re3?

There are three different jewels to find in Resident Evil 3. These three jewels are red, blue, and green and each is hidden in its own fancy box. These boxes are scattered throughout the first area in the game, the main street. You will need to have the bolt cutters and the lock pick to get all the jewels.

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Where do you use red jewels?

The red jewel is something you combine with a jewelry box that’s found in the observation room. Inside, you’ll find the S.T.A.R.S badge, which can be used in the S.T.A.R.S office to unlock the weapons cabinet in that room.

Where does the blue gem go in Resident Evil?

It’s beautifully cut and polished to a mirror-like surface. A perfectly cut gemstone shimmering a dark blue. This is used in the left eye socket of the statue of a tiger in the Tiger Statue Room to reveal a hidden compartment.

Does Nemesis drop items in remake?

The Nemesis will drop important, unique items if you manage to knock him down–but only at specific moments in the game. The Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake is nigh unstoppable, and you’ll spend a lot of the game fleeing as he stalks you relentlessly.

How do you beat Nemesis in re3?

Keep running around in a circle, and dodge his attacks. Hit Nemesis with a Flame Round from your Grenade Launcher, and then wait until the fire’s out to hit him again. After a few shots, Carlos will show up to help you out.

How do you get the grenade launcher in re3?

The grenade launcher is found in the Sewers, accessible (though not easily), opening up after you have to lure Nemesis from the subway survivors. It’s found in an office safe room in the lower-right hand corner of the map.

Where does the red jewel go in Resident Evil 2?

The Red Jewel is in the Art Room. Pick up the Statue’s Left Arm on the table, and then combine it with the Red Book. Now you can place the Left Arm With Book back onto the statue itself, and it will open its other hand to give you the Scepter.

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How do you use the red jewels in Resident Evil 2?

All you have to do is Examine the Scepter and rotate it until you find a switch. Hit A to trigger it and the Red Jewel will pop out, replacing the Scepter in your inventory.

What do you do with the Scepter in Resident Evil 2?

You may be curious as to what the purpose of the Resident Evil 2 Remake Red Jewel Scepter is now. Having the Red Jewel Scepter will allow players to unlock the Bejeweled Box and collect the S.T.A.R.S. Badge later on in the game and their quest to stop all of the horrors that the newly released title offers.

Where do I use the Bolt Cutters in Resident Evil 3?

The Bolt Cutters are actually the first major item Jill gets her hands on in order to bypass Resident Evil 3’s many gate checks. Raccoon City is littered with padlocks and chains locking Jill out of key areas. The Bolt Cutters can be used to unlock chained doors, giving Jill access to the rest of Raccoon City.

Where is the bolt cutter Resident Evil 3?

The Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters are found in the small unnamed room connected to the Garage in the Downtown area.