Which finger is suitable for diamond ring?

It is always best to wear diamond in the middle finger of right hand. It can be said that a diamond ring not only shows the status of a marriage relationship, but it also enhances the glory of the middle finger.

Which finger is best for diamond?

According to astrology, gemstone rings should be worn on specific fingers. Yellow Sapphire ring, for instance, should be worn on the index finger of the right hand. Similarly, you should wear a diamond ring on the middle finger of your right hand.

Can diamond ring be worn on left hand?

By wearing your engagement ring on your left hand you connect your heart to the love of your life. The tradition of wearing your diamond engagement ring on the left hand dated back to ancient Rome, when the Romans believed your left-hand ring finger contained a vein that directly connects to the heart.

Can I wear a diamond ring on my right hand?

The engagement ring is usually a diamond ring and is precious. If a left-handed individual who does all their work with her left hand also wears a diamond engagement ring in their left hand, then the ring may be damaged at any moment. So if you are left-handed, you should wear your engagement ring in your right hand.

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Which finger is best to wear a ring?

Which finger to wear the ring on?

  • Wearing it on the pinky finger does not connect it to any religious or cultural connotation. …
  • The fourth finger, also called the ring finger is the accepted norm for wedding rings.
  • The middle finger is the longest one and wearing it on this finger creates a bold statement.

Can I wear diamond ring in ring finger?

You cannot wear any gem or ratna ring on any finger because it is predefined which ring has to be worn on which finger, if worn accordingly then only it gives the benefit. Many people believe that no ring should be worn on the thumb.

Which diamond shape is best?

The most popular diamond shape, the round cut was invented through jewelers’ attempts to create a cut with the most facets and shine. Today, more than 75% of the world’s diamonds are cut in the brilliant style. Its 58-facet cut is calibrated according to a precise formula to achieve maximum sparkle.