Which metals are used in making Jewellery Why?

Answer : Gold, silver and platinum metals are used for jewellery because they malleable and ductile as well as they are very less reactive with air water and acids.

Which metals are used in making jewellery?

Discover the different metals used in jewelry making.

  • GOLD. Gold is a dense, malleable precious metal that is bright yellow in color and can be polished to a high luster. …
  • PLATINUM. Platinum is a dense, malleable metal that is white in color with cool undertones. …
  • SILVER. …

Which metals are used in making jewellery why Brainly?

Gold, silver and platinum are usually used in making jewellery because of their properties of being metals. As they are metals they are malleable so they can be beaten to make them into the required thickness and shape. As they are lustrous they shine when polished which makes the jewellery attractive.

Why is gold used to make jewellery?

Gold does not tarnish, rust or corrode. Due to its wonderful qualities and its luster, gold is considered the most important metal in jewellery making. As pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, it is alloyed with a mixture of metals in order to make the gold harder, so it can be used for jewellery.

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Why is silver used in jewellery making?

Like gold, pure silver is soft and easily damaged. Therefore, jewelry makers often alloy silver with harder metals to improve its durability. With silver alloys, they can make beautiful, strong pieces suitable for daily wear.

Why gold and silver metals are used in making jewellery?

Gold ,silver & diamonds are used in jeweler because Metals like gold, silver, platinum etc. Have lustre ,and these are less reactive, these metals cannot react with air water and acids and these metals are malleable and ductile. Due to these properties these metals are called noble metals and they are used in jewelers.

Are used in making jewellery?

Platinum, Gold and silver are the popular metals for making jewellery. These are highly lustrous metals which are resistant to corrosion. Also, these are highly malleable and ductile so can be transformed into any shape or design.

Which metals are used for making jewellery Mcq?

Answer : Gold and silver are used to make jewellery.

Which of the following metals is used for making ornaments?

Gold & Platinum are two metals used to make ornaments.

What is used in jewellery?

Metals Used in Jewelry

  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Palladium.
  • Silver-Sterling.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Titanium.
  • Tungsten.

What metal is used to make gold ornaments?

Copper is used as a base metal to mix with gold and to make it stronger, harder and less brittle in nature. It acts as the best alloy to make ornaments. Since the Silver layer gets easily oxidized in nature and gets easily corroded, copper remains the best choice as a metal to mix with Gold.

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Why is platinum gold and silver used in jewellery?

(a) Platinum, gold and silver are non-reactive and give shining surface. Therefore these are used to make jewellery.