Which property of the mineral diamond allows?

Explanation: The tetrahedral shape of the carbon bonds causes the diamond to be the hardest of all minerals. A diamond can cut and scratch any other material found on earth. The hardness of the diamond structure extends to even the diamond powder making it the hardest abrasive known to man.

What is the mineral property of diamond?

Diamond is the hardest-known mineral. However, the hardness of diamond is directional. It is hardest parallel to its octahedral planes and softest parallel to its cubic planes. Hardness, heat conductivity, crystal form, index of refraction, specific gravity and dispersion.

What mineral group is diamond in?

Diamond Mineral Data

General Diamond Information
Chemical Formula: C
Dana Class: (01)Native Elements
(01.03)with semi-metallic and non-metallic elements
(01.03.06)Carbon Polymorph group

Which property is most useful in mineral identification quizlet?

Crystal shape can help identify some minerals. The way a mineral splits can also be used to identify a mineral. Some minerals split into smooth, flat pieces. These minerals are said to have cleavage.

What are diamond minerals used for?

Because it is the hardest substance known, diamond will cut through any material. Consequently, it is used as an abrasive and in cutting and grinding applications. Industrial diamonds are embedded in large steel drill bits to drill into rock for wells to find water, oil, and natural gas.

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