Why is it called Sapphire sandwich?

By 2003, Omega had discontinued the reference 3572.50, and replaced it with the reference 3573.50, which swapped out the domed acrylic crystal of its predecessor for a box-shaped sapphire crystal – hence its nickname, the “Sapphire Sandwich” Speedmaster Professional.

What is Hesalite watch crystal?


Hesalite is an advanced form of acrylic – a versatile, transparent plastic that has outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. Its use dates back to the 1840s and it’s found anywhere from polishes to contact lenses.

Which moonwatch is best?

When someone who has an interest in space exploration and cares for the first watch worn on the Moon story, one of the regular Speedmaster Moonwatch references might be the best pick.

Is Hesalite crystal scratch resistant?

Hesalite glass is much softer than mineral or sapphire glass and therefore much more sensitive to scratches. … Hesalite glass is very resilient and can perform its service on the watch for decades if handled properly.

What does dot over 90 mean?

The Speedmaster Professional 145.012 also includes the “Dot over 90” bezel (where the dot is placed on top of 90 on the tachymeter scale), which is correct for its era. Later Speedmaster bezels (post-1969) had the dot next to the 90. While the 145.012 is similar in shape to the preceding ref.

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What is sapphire crystal?

Sapphire crystal is not actually a type of glass – it’s pure aluminium oxide that has been through a process of crystallisation. Watch sapphire is the most expensive type of watch glass as it is incredibly hard and therefore durable. This means sapphire is the best material to protect the watch dial against shock.

Is Hesalite or sapphire better?

For the non-romantics, not only is hesalite the more affordable option, but also easier to look after. While sapphire crystal is much hardier, hesalite is much easier to clean and correct in the event of scratching.

Is the Speedmaster discontinued?

Swiss watch manufacturer Omega has announced the discontinuation of the Speedmaster Moonwatch on January 5, 2021. … Why the current Moonwatch models have been taken out of production and whether there will be successors to the references 311.30. 42.30. 01.005 and 311.30.

Does the Omega Speedmaster scratch easily?

Wear your Speedmaster, scratch it up, it’s fine, it’s tougher than you are. If by fragile you mean it can break easier you’ve got it backwards. Sapphire shatters much more easily and is far more expensive to replace. It is very scratch resistant and that is its major selling point.

Is Omega moonwatch automatic?

Hot on the heels of its latest release, the limited edition Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday,” Omega has decided to announce another Speedmaster, this time in the automatic range. … The Speedmaster Moonwatch Automatic Master Chronometer has a so-called “racing dial” inspired by a 1968 Speedy.

Can you swim with a Speedmaster?

What is often not so clear is that you can indeed take your new Speedmaster for a swim. Even the Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”, with a water resistance of 50 meters, can be used in the water. … These are water-resistant up to 100 meters.

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Why does toothpaste remove scratches?

Paste-based toothpaste acts as a mild abrasive that levels out the scratch, removing it or making it less noticeable.

What is a moonwatch?

The manual winding Speedmaster Professional or “Moonwatch” is the best-known and longest-produced; it was worn during the first American spacewalk as part of NASA’s Gemini 4 mission and was the first watch worn by an astronaut walking on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

How can you tell a fake Omega Speedmaster?

The Dial

The easiest way to determine if any watch is fake is by spotting any spelling or engraving mistakes. On an authentic Omega, the Omega logo should be a separate piece of metal that is attached to the dial. If it is painted on, you’re looking at a fake.