Your question: Did Ruby lie about being pregnant?

Yes, please! EastEnders fans predict a dark lie as Ruby Allen ‘faked her pregnancy’ on tonight’s show. The Square’s nightclub owner was delighted to learn she was expecting but sadly lost the baby in emotional scenes. In a desperate attempt to keep husband Martin Fowler on her side, she initially lied.

Is Ruby lying about pregnancy?

RUBY Allen’s pregnancy lies are exposed by Stacey Slater next week in EastEnders. Ruby – who is played by Louisa Lytton in the BBC One soap – has faked a pregnancy to keep Martin close after fearing he would go back to his ex-wife Stacey.

Who is Ruby pregnant to?

Departing Walford in a police car, a final twist confirmed that Ruby was indeed pregnant with husband Martin Fowler’s child despite him not believing her. As if that was not enough, we now have both Janine Butcher and Stacey Slater back on our screens.

Does Ruby keep her baby?

Ruby later meets Noel and they start a relationship. Once Ruby gets a job in a movie she leaves Noel in New York. After she comes back we learn that she has had an affair with a producer named Wade. She decides to keep her baby and that becomes the downfall of Noel and Ruby’s relationship.

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Is Martin the father of Ruby’s baby?

Ruby Allen is the daughter of Johnny Allen. Last year she got married to Martin Fowler, who is the ex-husband of her best friend Stacey. This caused the two women to fall out. Ruby is the stepmother of Martin’s children Bex, Lily, Arthur and Hope.

What is wrong with Ruby in EastEnders?

Fans of the soap will already be aware that Ruby has been suffering from endometriosis and is receiving treatment including surgery for the condition as she hopes to have a baby with her husband Martin Fowler (James Bye).

Will Ruby be exposed in EastEnders?

EastEnders Soap Scoop!

EastEnders’ Ruby Allen finally comes clean with her husband Martin Fowler next week, as her exit story is revealed. Louisa Lytton, who recently gave birth to her first child, already filmed her final scenes earlier in the summer and we’ll see them play out over the coming episodes.

How did Ruby have a miscarriage?

Earlier this year, Ruby (Louisa Lytton) discovered that she had endometriosis after miscarrying, which left both herself and husband Martin Fowler heartbroken. … Ruby had framed Stacey by claiming she had pushed her down the stairs in a row, leading to her miscarriage.

Does Ruby get pregnant on Felicity?

In season two, Felicity follows in Noel’s footsteps to become an RA at Kelvin Hall, and Amy plays one of her residents, Ruby. Ruby and Noel start dating, but things fall apart when she gets pregnant, courtesy of the “director” in her “movie” (quotes added because I thought this plotline was dumb).

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What’s wrong with Ruby’s baby in Call the Midwife?

Ruby expresses guilt for why her son has spina bifida. She says Douglas wanted her to stop working when she got a bit further along in pregnancy, but she refused, and rested baskets on her bump. Jenny tells her not to blame herself, as lots of women work.

Who does Ruby end up with in Once Upon a Time?

The 18th episode of Once Upon a Time’s fifth season, titled “Ruby Slippers,” featured the fairy tale drama’s first gay romance when an adult Red Riding Hood (Ruby, played by Meghan Ory) fell in love with The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy (Teri Reeves).

Did Ruby lose her baby before she fell?

Just days later, keeping her loss and grief to herself, she had a row with Stacey leading to her slipping down some steps. While the row led to the incident, Stacey did not push Ruby – and the incident did not cause the baby loss, as Ruby had sadly miscarried prior to this.