Your question: What level do you use the blue gem in crash 4?

The Blue Gem is earned in Draggin’ On, the second level of Tranquility Falls and is a doozy to get. In a homage to Crash Bandicoot 2, you’ll need to go through the entire level without breaking a single box. This is a lot harder than it sounds, since it includes the Checkpoint Boxes!

Where is the blue gem used in crash 4?

In order to get the Blue Gem in Crash Bandicoot 4, players will need to go to the Tranquility Fall map and select the Draggin’ On mission. This is a very difficult Gem to collect because players are not allowed to smash a single crate during the mission.

What does the blue gem unlock in Crash Bandicoot 4?

When you reach the end with 0/139 crates destroyed the blue gem will spawn at the level exit. See the image below. Make sure you step into the level exit afterward to unlock the Sapphire-er Acquirer trophy or achievement. That’s how you get the Blue Gem in Crash Bandicoot 4!

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What levels does the blue gem unlock?

Crash Bandicoot

Gem Color Level Paths Unlocked
Blue Toxic Waste Rolling Stones, Cortex Power, Jaws of Darkness
Red Slippery Climb/The Lost City (NTSC-J) Native Fortress, Road to Nowhere
Green The Lost City/Hog Wild (NTSC-J) Jungle Rollers, Castle Machinery
Yellow The Lab Lights Out, The Great Gate

Where is the hidden gem crash 4?

N. Verted Hidden Gem: After regaining control of Crash/Coco, turn around and head away from the boat to reach the edge of the deck. Slide and double jump towards the screen to reach the hidden gem.

How do you unlock the blue gem in Crash Bandicoot?

The first game in the Crash Bandicoot N.

Crash Bandicoot Gem Color Level Task
Blue Gem Tomb Wader Complete Death Route, accessed by reaching Skull and Crossbones lift without dying
Red Gem Deep Trouble Complete secret course accessed by destroying ! crate at end of level

How many colored gems are in Crash 4?

Crash 4 All Colored Gems Guide. There are four colored gems to find in Crash 4, red, green, blue, and yellow. They are each hidden in their own stages, and will open up their own individual hidden levels. Plus, once you have collected all four, one final door can be unlocked for a final reward.

How many islands are in Crash Bandicoot 4?

There are 43 main levels in Crash Bandicoot 4, but there are multiple optional missions to play that can greatly extend your playtime. On top of the 43 main levels, there are 43 N. Verted levels and 21 Flashback levels, bringing the grand total of Crash Bandicoot 4 levels to 107.

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Where do I use the red gem in crash 4?

When you get all the way round to the platform at 9 o’clock, jump into the centre. The red gem should appear on the other side of the cavern, in front of Lani-Loli. All you need to do is complete the level and voila! Red gem attained.

What order should I buy gems in Crash Bandicoot?

How to Get All Colored Gems in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

  1. Blue Gem: Turtle Woods – Don’t break a single crate.
  2. Red Gem: Snow Go – Follow the secret path using the portal in Air Crash.
  3. Green Gem: The Eel Deal – Follow the secret route behind the stage’s fake wall.

How do you get the jungle roller gem?

Jungle Rollers is the second level in Crash Bandicoot. To get all the gems you must first get the “GREEN GEM” from the level “THE LOST CITY” on the second island. Afterwards you must return to this level and destroy all 43 boxes.

What gem do you need for road to nowhere?

Requires a red gem from Slippery Climb.

Where is hidden gem rude awakening?

The N. Verted Hidden Gem is located on the beach at the very start of the level. Simply walk to the shoreline and then go right!

Where’s the hidden gem in insanity peak?

N. Sanity Peak’s Hidden Gem is in the finale where you run away from the Guardian. After you smash the first Box during this chase, run along the left-hand wall and you’ll find the Gem among some bones.

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How do you get past the metal boxes in Crash Bandicoot 4?

Rather than using Crash’s spin attack, break these boxes by doing a belly flop on top of them. These crates tend to have special rewards inside of them, so they’re well worth your time to break!