Are Belgian Diamonds good?

An ideal cut diamond or a Belgian Diamond is a real and high-quality diamond that we often see in Thailand. Any diamond that has a weight of over 0.30 carat and a GIA diamond report are all considered as an ideal cut diamond.

Is Belgium famous for diamonds?

Antwerp has been the centre of diamond trade worldwide for more than 500 years! In Antwerp you will find 70 nationalities who are active in the diamond industry. 84% of the world’s raw diamonds pass through the city on the Scheldt and 50% of all cut diamonds find their way to this city.

How much do diamonds cost in Belgium?

Belgium Diamond Rate Today

Quantity Diamond Rate
100 Milligram EUR 83.73
1/4 Carat EUR 209.32
1/2 Carat EUR 418.63
1 Carat EUR 837.26

Are Antwerp diamonds cheaper?

Have you ever wondered whether diamond prices are lower in cities like Antwerp? Its top position within the world of diamonds has resulted in diamonds in Antwerp having the best price-quality ratio, which means you will always pay the best price in the market.

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Is it safe to buy diamonds in Antwerp?

The Antwerp diamond exchange is a terrible place to buy diamonds. You would need to navigate a minefield of disreputable and unethical business practices to avoid getting scammed. Even if you manage to avoid all the scams, they aren’t offering good service or good value.

Why do diamonds go to Belgium?

Each year, approximately 50% of the rough diamonds return to Antwerp for cutting and polishing. Over $16 billion in polished diamonds pass through the district’s exchanges each year.

Why does Belgium have more diamonds?

Diamonds & Belgium

The reason for Antwerp’s significance to the diamond trade is interesting. … By the end of the 17th century the Dutch capital had taken much of Antwerp’s trade and had a near monopoly in the diamond industry. Amsterdam supplied Antwerp with diamonds, but kept the best ones for its own diamond cutters.

Are there diamond mines in Belgium?

84% of the world’s mined diamonds end up in Antwerp. This is why Antwerp is the center of the world diamond trade. … The city is still home to a small but highly skilled group of diamond cutters who specialize in the processing of the most remarkable diamonds that come on the market.

Is it worth going to Antwerp for engagement ring?

It is very fashionable to travel to Antwerp to buy an engagement ring as it is perceived as being “a lot cheaper” than buying in Ireland. … Over the last eight years I have valued a lot of rings from Antwerp but from one shop in particular which I have been told numerous times is a very reputable shop.

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Where is the diamond capital of the world?

Antwerp and the Diamond Industry

Antwerp is the undisputed diamond capital of the world. With 84% of the world’s rough diamonds and 50% of cut diamonds passing through, the city attracts international traders seeking the highest quality diamonds.

Are Tiffany’s diamonds worth it?

Are Tiffany diamonds worth it? Overall, they grade similarly to other labs, in terms of giving a Carat Weight, Color, Clarity and Cut. The most important, for Tiffany, is the Cut as they only sell diamonds with Excellent Cut Grades. This alone is part of the reason their diamonds are worth it.

What is a Belgian diamond?

Most Belgian Diamonds Have A Great Cut

Any diamond that has a weight of over 0.30 carat and a GIA diamond report are all considered as an ideal cut diamond. Therefore if you have a 1 carat diamond with a GIA or HRD diamond certificate, do not worry – your diamond is definitely an ideal cut diamond.

How much does a 1 carat diamond costs?

According to, a 1 carat diamond costs anywhere between $1,800 and $12,000. However, a quality diamond doesn’t just come down to size. When assessing stone value four very important factors are always taken into consideration – the four c’s of diamond quality: color, cut, clarity and carat.

Why do labs grow diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds offer great value, as they are more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. These cultured diamonds can be almost 30% less expensive than mined natural diamonds. The mined diamond industry is largely controlled by diamond cartels and filled with middle-men.

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Is it safe to buy diamonds from Israel?

The Jewels and Diamonds in Israel are of a Very High Quality

The purchase of a diamond jewel from a reliable source in Israel is much more than an esthetic choice of a spectacular jewel- it is also a long term investment.