Best answer: Do You Fight Team Aqua in Alpha Sapphire?

Which team do you fight in Alpha Sapphire?

Team Magma and Team Aqua are the antagonist teams in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Where do you fight Team Aqua?

The Team Aqua Hideout is located in a small cove in the Lilycove City bay. You will need Surf to enter the base. A number of green warp pads are located around the hideout.

Is Team Magma or Team Aqua in or?

Team Magma (Japanese: マグマ団 Magma-dan, literally Magma Gang) is one of two villainous teams found in the Hoenn region, alongside their rivals, Team Aqua.

What happened to Team Aqua and Team Magma?

Team Aqua is relegated to a supporting role in Ruby, with Team Magma instead performing the same actions (with different reasoning) and awakening Groudon instead.

Is Team Aqua good in Ruby?

Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire’s Team Magma And Team Aqua Are Still The Best Villains In The Series. Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire had the best antagonists in the entire Pokemon series. Offering an opinion about which radical group of morons is the best Pokemon antagonist is always a point of high contention in the community.

Where is Team Aqua boss in Pokemon Sapphire?

Archie is the boss of Team Aqua. The player character only battles him in Seafloor Cavern in Emerald and Mt. Chimney and Seafloor Cavern in Sapphire.

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