Best answer: How do you pick a pink diamond?

It is well known that when buying any diamond, it’s advisable to look for the four Cs – colour, clarity, cut and carat. This also applies when buying a pink diamond, with the exception that there is a greater focus on colour, as the intensity or rarity of colour elevates a pink diamond’s value.

How do you evaluate a pink diamond?

The color of a pink diamond has three main components on which it is evaluated: hue, saturation, and tone. Hue is the visible color of a fancy-color diamond. The primary hue of a pink diamond is, of course, pink. However, there can be secondary hues of a different color.

Does clarity matter in pink diamonds?

While clarity ordinarily impacts the value of a white diamond, the inclusions visible in a P1/P2/P3 graded diamond have less of an effect on the value of an Australian pink diamond, as the focus is the rarity of the colour instead.

What is the most valuable pink diamond?

In 2017, a 59.6-carat pink diamond sold for a record $71.2 million. The diamond, which was purchased by Hong Kong jewelers Chow Tai Fook and renamed “CTF Pink Star,” remains the most expensive polished diamond of any color to sell at auction.

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How can you tell if a pink diamond is real?

Lay the stone onto the dot with the flat side down. Through the pointed end of the diamond, look down onto the paper. If you see a circular reflection inside the gemstone, the stone is fake. If you cannot see the dot or a reflection in the stone, then the diamond is real.

Are pink diamonds worth buying?

The pink diamond is one of the rarest colored diamonds that exist – rarer than every type of colored diamond, apart from red diamonds. Their rarity means pink diamonds are exceedingly valuable. A high-quality pink diamond with an intense shade can cost up to $700,000 per carat.

What do pink diamonds look like?

The rarest and most expensive is a 1PP (purplish pink), followed by pinks and pink roses. Purplish undertones are thought to give the diamond a more striking and intense appearance. The more vivid the diamond’s color, the higher the diamond’s price will be.

What is the pink diamond called?

Notable pink diamonds

Pink Diamond Notability
The Unique Pink Most expensive fancy vivid pink diamond to ever sell at auction
The Pink Star Originally owned by the Steinmetz Group and called the Steinmetz Pink, then sold and renamed the Pink Star, and sold again and renamed the Pink Dream.

Why is pink diamond so small?

Why is Pink Diamond so small comparing to other Diamonds? Same reason as Amethyst, she didn’t have enough nutrients to make a large form. … So Pink is half the size of blue and yellow since they are the middle rank and they are half the size of white diamond, the tallest of them all.

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How do I sell my pink diamond?

How To Sell a Pink Diamond Online

  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. Receive your initial valuation.
  3. Make an appointment or mail in your pink diamond via free, fully insured FedEx Overnight Priority mail.
  4. Receive your final price offer.
  5. If you accept the final offer, get paid in as little as 24 hours.

Why is pink diamond so expensive?

Argyle Pink Diamonds are so expensive because of the very limited supply. A pink diamond is formed of only carbon like a white diamond, through millions of years in the kimberlite pipes of volcanoes. … All of our Ethical Diamonds are natural stones with no treatments, contact us to purchase an Argyle Pink Diamond.

Who owns the largest pink diamond?

The Pink Star is the largest known diamond having been rated Vivid Pink. As a result of this exceptional rarity, the Beny Steinmetz Group called Steinmetz Diamonds took a cautious 20 months to cut the Pink.

Pink Star (diamond)

Weight 59.60 carats (11.920 g)
Estimated value US$71.2 million (2017)

Who owns the rarest diamond?

The Blue Moon Diamond in his new name The Blue Moon of Josephine is the proud owner to the title Most Expensive Diamond in The World! It is an Internally Flawless 12.03 carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond that his history goes back to 2014 when he was unearthed by Petra Diamonds.

Are pink diamonds really diamonds?

Are Pink Diamonds Real? Natural pink diamonds are real. “Natural” refers to diamonds that are found in nature with a pink color, and have not been treated in any way order to become pink. This rarity factor is the main reason pink diamonds are so expensive.

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Will a fake diamond sink in water?

The Floating Test

True diamonds have high density and should quickly sink to the bottom of the glass. Fake diamonds are not as thick, and therefore, more likely to float in water. … Some materials that make up fake diamonds, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, can sink if they are heavy enough.

Can you scratch a real diamond?

While incredibly tough, diamonds are still vulnerable to scratches just like other gemstones. The Mohs’ scale (scale of mineral hardness) specifically defines hardness as the resistance to being scratched. … Several factors can influence the susceptibility of a diamond to scratching.