Best answer: Why did Bonnie’s necklace burn Damon?

In it, Damon tried to steal the Bennett Talisman from around Bonnie’s neck to resurrect Katherine, and it burned at his touch — because Bonnie was NOT having it. When Damon helped Bonnie find her mother.

Why did the necklace burn Damon?

Damon later sees that Bonnie now possesses ‘his’ crystal and confronts her about it though she claims that she got it from a friend. Damon attempts to retrieve the Talisman though either the Talisman itself or Bonnie subconsciously causes the crystal to burn him.

Why did Damon save Bonnie and not Elena?

3 Damon Chose Bonnie Over Elena

He chose to save Bonnie’s life, knowing that it meant he wouldn’t see Elena for decades. Their relationship was much more open and down-to-earth than what Bonnie had with Elena growing up.

Did Bonnie have a thing for Damon?

Yes, it’s true. Damon and Bonnie had feelings for each other in the books. There are moments describing an intense connection between the two, many of them sexual.

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What does Rebekah’s necklace do?

In Homecoming, the necklace was given by Elena to Rebekah, who she then stabs with the White Oak Ash Dagger, neutralizing her. In The New Deal, the necklace appears in one of Bonnie’s Dreams, in which it was in a coffin that was occupied by Klaus.

Why does the bell hurt Bonnie?

Enzo then uses it on Sybil, but it hurts Bonnie as well. While in the car talking about the fork, Bonnie figures out that it affected her because witchcraft is rooted in Psychic energy. She also states that the fork gave her a splitting headache.

Is Bonnie a vampire?

Bonnie underwent many transformations throughout The Vampire Diaries’ eight seasons. She was a witch, a ghost, the Anchor to the Other Side, a Vampire Huntress, and a powerful psychic. … So despite leaving to travel the world, Bonnie eventually found her way back to her home in Mystic Falls.

Does Bonnie hate Elena?

They are both best friends with Caroline. Bonnie turned her back on Elena after her grandmother died, blaming Damon and Stefan and not wanting Elena to choose between her and them. … Their relationship turned sour when Elena turned her humanity off in Season Four and turned on Bonnie.

What episode does Damon apologizes to Bonnie?

I Alone (The Vampire Diaries)

“I Alone”
Episode no. Season 6 Episode 11
Directed by Kellie Cyrus
Written by Brian Young Holly Brix
Production code 2J7859

Who is Bonnie’s boyfriend on Vampire Diaries?

Enzo. Enzo is a Vampire who becomes Bonnie’s new main love interest in the beginning of the seventh season. Her connection with him is the strongest out of all the relationships she has been shown to be in.

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Does Bonnie hate Stefan?

In It’s Been a Hell of a Ride, Stefan attempts to apologize to Bonnie, but despite their alliance in saving Damon, Bonnie still hates Stefan for killing her boyfriend and gives him the cold shoulder, making it clear she will never forgive him.

Does Bonnie DATE Jeremy?

This is the on and off romantic relationship between the Supernatural Hunter, Jeremy Gilbert, and the witch, Bonnie Bennett. Jeremy and Bonnie grew up together in Mystic Falls. … Bonnie and Jeremy were able to declare their love for each other and finally consummate their relationship.

How did Bonnie and Enzo fall in love?

In Season Seven, we see the pair in a romantic relationship, but in a flash forward, after Bonnie gets in trouble with the Armory, three years ago, and Enzo stepped up to keep them away from her. … Two years later, after their romantic feelings had build up, the two started a romantic relationship and fell in love.

Who turned Elena into vampire?

To save her, Doctor Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto) fed Elena Damon’s blood. Rebekah Mikaelson kills Elena on Wickery Bridge, unaware of the vampire blood in her system. She woke up as a vampire at the end of the season.

What episode does Damon find Elena’s necklace?

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Damon Gets Elena’s Necklace Back — Episode 7 Recap – Hollywood Life.

What is Elena Gilbert’s necklace?

This locket necklace is inspired by the one worn by Elena Gilbert, the first character of the famous tv show The Vampire Diaries. … The pendant is a locket made of 925 oxidized sterling silver (as clearly stamped in the back side, with “925” stamp) and a real ruby red zirconia cubica.

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