Can you remove a soul from a soul gem?

From the UESP wiki, “Soul Gem” article: Occasionally, dropping a soul gem you filled yourself onto the ground will cause it to lose its charge without breaking. This allows you to clear out an unwanted soul from a soul gem (for example, if you put a petty soul into a grand soul gem) without losing the soul gem itself.

How do I release soul in soul gem Skyrim?

Capturing souls in soul gems is typically done with the Soul Trap spell of the Conjuration school of Magicka, or with a weapon that has received such an enchantment. With the exception of Azura’s Star and The Black Star, using a filled soul gem always destroys it.

How do you remove souls from soul gems in Oblivion?

Right clicking on any soul gem in your inventory opens a container. Drop the soul gems you want to empty in there, close your inventory and wait a moment. You will recieve empty soul gems. This works with pre-filled gems as well, so if you find that grand soul gem with a petty soul inside, just get rid of that junk!

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Can soul gems be refilled?

Filling Soul Gems in Skyrim

You can also enchant a weapon with the Soul Trap spell to save you having to use the spell separately. As long as the enemy defeated grants a soul that fits within the Soul Gem, it’ll fill it.

Can you fix soul gem fragments?

They cannot be forged into a complete gem, and have no use.

Can black soul gems be reused?

Azura’s Star can hold up to a Grand Soul Gem but is restricted to monsters and other non-humanoids. … This item is a reusable Black Soul Gem that can capture humanoid-type mobs and also normal souls; captured souls grant enchantments up to a Grand Soul Gem level.

Are black soul gems better than grand?

All black souls are of the grand level. The main benefit of a black soul gem is that it can capture grand leveled souls from humanoids, whereas those souls cannot normally be captured. These sources tend to be plentiful and easier to kill, compared with common grand level white soul sources, such as mammoths.

What is the strongest soul gem in Oblivion?

The grand soul gem is the largest soul gem, and can carry any size of white soul. When filled with the best applicable soul, their capacity utilized in enchanting is 1600. Soul strength is based in part on level; monster level 18 is required for souls to be Grand.

How do I put souls in soul gems in Oblivion?

To capture a soul, you’ll need to use a Soul Trap spell and then kill the enemy before it wears off. You’ll also have to have a Soul Gem large enough to carry that soul. Humans can only be trapped in Black Soul Gems which must be created or found on Necromancers.

Soul Gem.

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Soul Size Charge
Greater 1200
Grand 1600

How do I get a Soul Trap spell in oblivion?

You can purchase the soul trap spell at every Mages Guild. You need to be at least apprentice level in Mysticism to be able to cast the cheapest version of the spell.

What does filling a soul gem do?

Soul Gems are miscellaneous items which can be used to trap the souls of dying creatures or NPCs. The resulting filled soul gems can be used as power sources for enchanted items, either when initially creating custom enchanted items or when recharging depleted enchanted weapons.

Which souls are grand Skyrim?

Dragon Priest, Draugr Death Overlord, Falmer Shadowmaster, Falmer Warmonger, Gargoyle Sentinel, Guardian Saerek, Keeper, King Olaf-One-Eye and Mammoth are the ones that have grand soul.

How do I get Soul Trap?


  1. Sold by: Court Wizards. Falion in Morthal. Nelacar in The Frozen Hearth. …
  2. Created at the Atronach Forge under the College of Winterhold, by placing a torchbug thorax, ruined book, salt pile, and any soul gem into the offering box.
  3. Found as a random loot in boss chests.

What do I do with broken soul gems?


  1. These fragments have no known use, other than selling them for. or for decoration.
  2. Based on their color, the Soul Gem Fragments are most likely shattered Black Soul Gems.

Should I keep soul gem fragments?

1 Answer. Within the strategy guide for Skyrim the soul gem fragments are listed under “Clutter” so they are not important or useful items. They may be requested as part of a radiant quest though.

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What are soul fragments used for?

Soul Fragment is an Epic item dropped from killing the Grim Reaper. It is needed to craft the Soul Whip and Eternal Hoof.