Do Jeff Ruby Steaks come with a side?

1 answer. Everything at Jeff Ruby’s is a la carte. The sides are priced in addition to an entree. The sides are large, easily enough for 2-3 people to share.

What should I wear to Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse?

There is no specific dress code for this restaurant and definitely no tie required. However, as it is an upscale restaurant, I would suggest at least dressing casually (no shorts, flip flops, etc). Short sleeve shirts are ok, but tank tops are not recommended. You don’t have to wear a jacket either.

What is the best Jeff Ruby restaurant?

The Precinct is where it all started in 1981, according to Ruby’s website. It has been named one of America’s Top 10 Steakhouses by USA Today. The Lousiville Steakhouse was also named Louisville’s Best Upscale Steakhouse by the readers of Louisville Magazine.

How much is Jeff Ruby’s?

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse Menu Prices

Item Price Change
New York Strip 14 oz. center-cut. $55.00 – –
Porterhouse 24 oz. center-cut, 45 day dry-aged. $77.00 – –
Cowboy Steak 22 oz. 55-day dry-aged bone-in ribeye. $71.00 – –
Jeff Ruby’s Jewel 22 oz. spicy chili-rubbed cowboy ribeye. $75.00 – –
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Who owns Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse?

Daughter Britney Ruby Miller leads the organization as CEO, and sons Brandon and Dillon fill roles as Executive Vice President and Talent Director respectively. Together, the family owns 7 restaurants in 3 states. Jeff Ruby is widely considered one of the nation’s preeminent restaurateurs.

Can you wear jeans to Jeff Rubys?

But definitely don’t be too casual as you may feel under dressed. Most of the diners will be well dressed. But nice jeans are totally fine in my experience.

Does Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse have a dress code?

5 answers. No dress code, but people were dressed “up-casual.” over a year ago. Nashville is pretty casual and on our visit we saw everything from shorts to sport coat and tie.

How did Jeff Ruby make his money?

Jeff Ruby Restaurateur

Jeff has made a name for himself in the hospitality industry. He honed his skills initially working at Winegardner and Hammons’ Holiday Inn in downtown Cincinnati in 1970. His success here quickly propelled him to the post of Regional Director of all seven Holiday Inns in Cincinnati.

How many stars is Jeff Ruby’s?

How is Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse – Cincinnati rated? Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse – Cincinnati has 4.5 stars.

How many Jeff Ruby’s are there?

from Jeff Ruby Culinary

There are currently four Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse locations in the country. Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, and now, Columbus. When you first walk into Jeff Ruby’s, you’re hit with the inescapable feeling that you’ve just traveled back in time. But not in a bad way.

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What is sea bass Forte?

THE FOOD: I was still a bit full from lunch so I decided to go with a lighter option – the Sea Bass Forte (king crab, leeks, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, lemon butter sauce, $42). It was FANTASTIC. The sea bass fell apart at the fork and was buttery and crisp.

Who is Jeff Ruby’s ex wife?

Ruby and his ex-wife Rickelle divorced in 2004. But both Jeff and the kids say she deserves equal credit for the family’s success. “When you and your wife come away with three kids like this, you don’t call that marriage a failure,” Jeff said.

Who is Britney Ruby Miller husband?

She is married to Caleb Miller, a former linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals, and they have four children. Committed to putting family first, Britney continually strives to balance family life and work demands, enriching both realms of her life.

What is Jeff Ruby’s real name?

Ruby’s birth name was Brian Jeffrey Kranz. He was named after his mother’s first husband. But as it turns out, Ruby wasn’t the son of any of his mother’s four husbands. Ruby said his mother was an alcoholic who would be drunk by the time he’d get home from school.