Does Indiana have a state gemstone?

Sec. 1. The regal type rock “Limestone” which is found and quarried in south and central Indiana from the geologic formation named the Salem Limestone, is hereby adopted as the official stone of the State of Indiana.

What is Indiana’s state gem?

When quarried and carved, limestone is used for dimensional building stone. It is small wonder that Salem Limestone is the official state stone of Indiana.

Are there any precious stones in Indiana?

Many minerals can be found in Indiana and the most common amongst these are calcite and pyrite. Diamonds have also been found but these finds are very few and far between. The state is also rich with a variety of fossils and geodes.

What is the official state gemstone?

Benitoite specimen in the collection of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. On October 1, 1985, benitoite (pronounced beh-nee-tow-ite) was designated as the official state gem by the California legislature.

What crystals are found in Indiana?

Indiana is not only filled with various minerals that you can find, but it has a great diversity in its crystal deposits. You can find in Indiana crystals such as quartz, corundum, calcite crystals, selenite, dolomite pink crystals, apatite, marcasite, aragonite, barite crystals, or strontianite.

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Where can I dig for gems in Indiana?

A few of the different public gem mines in Indiana include:

  • Copperhead Creek Mining Company.
  • Squire Boon Caverns.
  • Marengo Cave.
  • Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Knightstown.
  • Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park.

What is Indiana’s state flower?

The peony (Paeonia) was adopted as the state flower by the 1957 General Assembly (Indiana Code 1-2-7). From 1931 to 1957 the zinnia was the state flower. The peony blooms the last of May and early June in various shades of red and pink and also in white; it occurs in single and double forms.

What is the most valuable mineral in Indiana?

Gold – Popular and highly valued, gold is one of the most highly sought-after gems and stones in Indiana. You can find a number of gold mines throughout Indiana that allow you to pan for gold. Though less common than other minerals, you’re more likely to find gold than you are to find diamonds.

Is it illegal to take rocks from creeks in Indiana?

(b) Without a written license under IC 14-28-1 and without notice to the department, a person may remove creek rock from the parcel, if the person satisfies each of the following conditions: (1) Not more than twenty-five (25) cubic yards of creek rock is removed within one (1) calendar year from the parcel.

Why is there no gold in Indiana?

There are no natural gold bearing veins or natural placer believed to be in Indiana. Whatever amount of gold that is produced in the state is likely traced back to the glacial deposits that transported gold down from the gold deposits in Ontario, Canada.

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What states have Opal?

Opals: – These are mainly found in the states of Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. In Virgin Valley in Nevada there are black fire opals. Oregon is also famous for its Thundereggs and Sunstones.

Does Indiana have agates?

The geology of the state is completely dominated by sedimentary rocks. … If you know where to look, you can find a nice selection of rocks including geodes, quartz, agate, jasper, and petrified wood. The best places to rockhound in Indiana are stream gravels in the central and southern parts of the state.

Does every state have a state gem?

Leaders of states in the U.S. which have significant mineral deposits often create a state mineral, rock, stone or gemstone to promote interest in their natural resources, history, tourism, etc. Not every state has an official state mineral, rock, stone and/or gemstone, however.