Frequent question: How do you catch latios in Ruby?

Go back and forth between the two routes and check your Pokedex each time to see if your Lati is on the same route as you. Once you find that you are on the same route, save (in case your Lati faints), then search the grass and water on the route until you bump into the legendary. Now, you’re at the catching.

How do you catch Latios in Pokémon Ruby?

Latios is a roaming Pokémon and will be found just about anywhere. To make Latios easier to catch, you’ll want to go in an area where you can reload easily, such as opening up a cave near a field using a secret power. Search for Latios. Search around through the grass or other environment until you find Latios.

What is the fastest way to get Latios?

Catch Latios.

  1. If you have a Master Ball, throw it immediately to catch Latios.
  2. Make sure to use your trap ability (Shadow Tag, Mean Look) as soon as the battle begins.
  3. If you have Wobbuffet, Mirror Coat is very useful as Latios uses a lot of Special Attacks.
  4. Use Paralyze to help keep Latios from fleeing.
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How do you make Latias appear?

A good way to see Latios/Latias for the first time is to first fly to Slateport. Once there, put a Pokémon around level 30 (make sure it is above 25 and below 40) at the front of your party. Once that is done, go to the route above Slateport (Route 110) and spray any type of repel.

How do you keep Latios from fleeing?

Anyway, to capture it you can do any of these:

  1. Throw a Quick Ball on the first turn.
  2. Use a Pokemon with Arena Trap or Shadow Tag to prevent it fleeing.
  3. Use the move Mean Look to prevent it fleeing (Crobat is good for this due to its high speed).
  4. Paralyze it or put it to sleep.

Which is better Latias or Latios?

Bulbapedia Latias has a superior defense to Latios… Usually you’d think the Pokemon with the stronger defense would have the edge but in this case Latios is actually stronger, due to its superior moveset. They both have Dragon Breath at their disposal and given the benefits of STAB, this is the best move choice here.

What is Latios catch rate?

Its base catch rate is 2%, which is the same as the likes of Lugia, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. Your level doesn’t have an effect on the chance of catching it.

Is latios in ruby or sapphire?

You would need two GameBoys, a link cable, an e-reader, and the Eon ticket itself. Other than that, you can catch Latios in Ruby or Emerald (choose blue when asked) and then trade it to Sapphire. The only other option is to hack it into the game.

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Can you get kyogre in Ruby?

Groudon can only be caught in Ruby, you cannot find it in Sapphire; Kyogre is in Sapphire, you can’t find it in Ruby (Unless you trade).

How do you get a Masterball in Pokemon Ruby?

When you reach the final row of teleporters, take the one farthest to the left. You should reach a room with four item balls. The two on the right are Electrodes, be careful. Pick up the Nugget and then you will be able to reach the Master Ball!

How many ultra balls does it take to catch latios?

More basic Pokéballs are cheaper, but Ultra Balls are much more effective and worth the extra money. If you don’t have a Master Ball in your inventory, having 30 or more Ultra Balls is your best bet to catch Latios and Latias.

Where do you get the EON ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

The Eon Ticket can be received via StreetPass from another player who obtained it via StreetPass or serial code.