Frequent question: Is Emerald evil RWBY?

Is Emerald a villain?

Type of Villain

Emerl is a character in Sonic the Hedgehog. He was created by the Nocturnus Clan from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Claiming to be the Ultimate Gizoid, he was sealed away in the Twilight Cage.

Is Emerald a good guy RWBY?

Emerald initially appears to be affable and disarmingly friendly. However, this belies a darker side of her character. On the whole, she seems to be genuinely outgoing and quick-witted, if a little short-fused.

Who is the main villain in RWBY?

Salem is the main antagonist of the American animated web series RWBY. She leads a group of people with malicious plans, with her goals being to divide and weaken the people of Remnant, then collect the four Relics and summon the Gods so they will finally end her immortality.

Is Emerald in love with cinder?

In “Fault” despite their time apart and Cinder’s own degrading and disrespectful tone to her during their Reunion, Emerald was still shown to retain her strong loyalty and devotion to Cinder despite the way she treats her.

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Is Emerald evil in Steven Universe?

Emerald is a minor antagonist in the Cartoon Network TV series Steven Universe. She is a Homeworld Gem who first debuted as the main antagonist in the episode “Lars of the Stars”.

Is Emerald a diamond Steven Universe?

According to Rebecca Sugar, Emerald is special because of her status on Homeworld as she is a fancy and very high-class Gem, which, aside from the Diamonds, is a rarely seen type of foe for the Crystal Gems. Her high status may be a reference to how emeralds in real life are very valuable.

Why does Weiss have a scar?

3 How Did Weiss Get Her Scar? … Her original RWBY trailer featured Weiss in battle. Over the course of the trailer, she was struck across the left side of her face, leaving her with the scar.

Who is Emerald based off of RWBY?

Emerald is based off the fairytale character, Aladdin. Much of their past and personality match, as well as their outfits sharing similarities. They are both homeless thieves who are great at lying and cheating, and both are great at remaining undetected.

Who is Hazel based on RWBY?

7 Hazel Brings A Unique Twist On The Hansel And Gretel Tale

Hazel and Gretchen Reinart are heavily influenced by Hansel and Gretel, siblings from one of the Grimm tales. Hazel’s drive and hatred of Ozpin in RWBY is all fuelled by the circumstances of his sister’s death.

Why is Salem immortal?

Salem was cursed with immortality by the Gods, making it impossible to destroy her. When the God of Darkness vaporized all of Humanity, her immortality allowed her to remain unaffected.

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Why did Salem turn evil?

While in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Salem went insane after a seemingly fatal incident which caused his partner and two members of Alpha and Bravo to abandon him to save Fiona. This caused him to become the main antagonist of the third game alongside his boss, Bautista.

Who saved Yang on the train?

During the scene where Yang talks about her search for Raven and being saved by her Uncle Qrow in “Burning the Candle”, the text on the chalkboard (enlarged) is an extract from a poem about Huginn and Muninn, two ravens from Norse mythology.

Is cinder afraid of Ruby?

Cinder harbors a grudge against Ruby, having specifically asked for something to be done about her during her meeting with her allies.

How did cinder lose her eye?

However, Cinder lost her left eye at Beacon. Because it was not turned to stone in an instant, THE SEW blast took some time, and if you watch the scene Ruby uses the SEW, it is all shown in a mirrored image in Ruby’s perspective.

How old is Emerald RWBY?

I think they’re both around 17 years old, like Team JNPR, Team CRDL, and most of Team RWBY (Ruby is 15; the others are 17).