Frequent question: What do you need for jewel crafting WoW?

Jewelcrafters accrue many of the gems they need for their art from mineral veins, so Jewelcrafters are often also familiar with the gathering profession Mining. Jewelcrafting requires a Jeweler’s kit.

Where can I learn jewel crafting?

Jewelcrafting can only be learned in the new cities of Outland, Silvermoon City, and Exodar. Kalinda in Silvermoon City. Farii in Exodar.

How do you get jewelcrafting recipes in Shadowlands?

Learn Shadowlands Jewelcrafting from Appraiser Au’vesk (35.2, 41.3), the Jewelcrafting Trainer in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos, the hub city of the Shadowlands. Nearby you will also find Distributor Au’kharn, who sells Jewelcrafting supplies. Appraiser Au’vesk teaches most of the Jewelcrafting recipes.

What goes with jewel crafting?

Companion professions

Profession Recommended Companion Alternate Companion
Inscription Herbalism
Jewelcrafting Mining
Leatherworking Skinning
Tailoring Enchanting Skinning

What do I need for Jewelcrafting TBC?

To learn Master Jewelcrafting, you must have a minimum character level of 50 and a minimum Jewelcrafting level of 275.

  1. Tatiana, Honor Hold, Hellfire Penninsula, /way 54.6 63.6.
  2. Kalaen, Thrallmar, Hellfire Penninsula, /way 56.8 37.6.
  3. Hamanar, <Jewelcrafting Trainer>, Aldor’s Rise, Shattrath /way 35.8 20.6.

How do I get Jewelcrafting 375?

TBC Jewelcrafting at Outland (300-375) You can learn the new TBC Jewelcrafting skill from the Master Jewelcrafting trainers in Hellfire Peninsula. Horde players can learn it from Kalaen at Thrallmar, and Alliance players can learn it from Tatiana at Honor Hold.

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Is jewel crafting in pre patch?

Jewelcrafting is a new profession coming in the Burning Crusade pre-patch. While you cannot max out the profession in the pre-patch, or acquire gear with sockets, you can use the time during the pre-patch to level the profession to 300.

How do you level up jewel crafting?

Leveling up Jewelcrafting is not tricky at all. You just need to keep crafting trinkets and gems until you reach Level 200 which is the maximum level right now. As you level up the skill, it will allow you to craft different types of trinkets.

Is Jewelcrafting profitable Shadowlands?

Reaching 100 skill in Shadowlands Jewelcrafting is quick, and you will probably make a profit while leveling, as ores are quite cheap and the gems sell very well with the extra sockets available, not to mention the bind on equip gear which people buy to quickly gain item level to access the LFG system.

How do you unlock legendary crafting Jewelcrafting?

In order to craft Legendary Base Items, you must have Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, or Jewelcrafting and have capped out your skill in the Profession at 100 Skill. At this point, you can head to your profession trainer and learn the patterns for the Legendary Base Armor.