Frequent question: Where can I learn jewel crafting?

1, initial training required a trip to The Exodar (for Alliance) or to Silvermoon (for Horde), as these were the only places you could learn jewelcrafting on Azeroth.

Where do you learn jewelcrafting?

Jewelcrafting trainers for 1-300 Jewelcrafting are located in The Exodar, Eversong Woods, and Silvermoon City (there is no Jewelcrafting trainer in Azuremyst Isle). You can also learn 1-300 Jewelcrafting from the 300-375 Outlands trainers below. Note: These are the only Jewelcrafting trainers in Azeroth.

Can you learn jewelcrafting in pre patch?

Also, Will Jewelcrafting be in pre patch? Jewelcrafting is a new profession coming in the Burning Crusade pre-patch. While you cannot max out the profession in the pre-patch, or acquire gear with sockets, you can use the time during the pre-patch to level the profession to 300.

Where is the Jewelcrafting trainer in Stormwind?

Jewelcrafting trainers

Landmass Trainer Location
Eastern Kingdoms Jack “All-Trades” Derrington Gilneas
Hanner Gembold Ironforge
Theresa Denman Stormwind
Therisa Sallow Tirisfal Glades

How do you level up jewel crafting?

Leveling up Jewelcrafting is not tricky at all. You just need to keep crafting trinkets and gems until you reach Level 200 which is the maximum level right now. As you level up the skill, it will allow you to craft different types of trinkets.

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What profession goes with Jewelcrafting?

Jewelcrafting: The best companion skill for this profession is Mining. Ore is typically in high demand and thus expensive to purchase on the auction house. Like Blacksmithing and Engineering, Jewelcrafting is ore and stone intensive.

Does jewelcrafting have TBC Prepatch?

What’s New in Pre-Patch

While players cannot enter the Dark Portal, there will be some new content that will be added to the game. … Jewelcrafting is also in the game so for players wanting to change professions, they will be able to early before TBC releases.

Where do I learn Jewelcrafting Wotlk?

Grand Master jewelcrafting designs are taught by trainers in Northrend, in either Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, or Dalaran.

Where is the jewel crafting trainer in Orgrimmar?


This NPC can be found in Orgrimmar (2).

Where do you get jewelcrafting TBC horde?

You can learn the new TBC Jewelcrafting skill from the Master Jewelcrafting trainers in Hellfire Peninsula. Horde players can learn it from Kalaen at Thrallmar, and Alliance players can learn it from Tatiana at Honor Hold.

Do I need mining with jewelcrafting?

Jewelcrafting is the best combined with Mining because you can save a lot of gold if you gather the materials instead of buying them, so check out the Mining leveling guide if you want to level Mining. If you don’t have mining, then power leveling your Jewelcrafting will be really expensive.

Where do I level mining?

Felwood and Burning Steppes are the best places to farm because the mining route is just so simple in these two zones. Badlands is also a really good place, but I found a bit more Mithril in the other zones.

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