Frequent question: Where is the Emerald Enclave in Neverwinter?

Head to Rothé Valley, into the cave near the middle of the map, and through the door. This will transport you to a gorgeous waterfall where Thar Greenbough awaits. Completing Thar’s Marching Orders quest will unlock “Assist the Emerald Enclave.” This is the first task which you’ll need to complete five times.

Where is Emerald Enclave?

The Emerald Enclave was an organization of druids and other nature worshipers on the island of Ilighôn. The actions of the Enclave influenced the lives of the high and low, its members avoiding good and evil to focus on the needs of the natural world and resist the growing influence of humankind.

What is the Emerald Enclave?

The Emerald Enclave is a far-ranging group that opposes threats to the natural world and helps others survive the many perils of the wild. … Members of the Emerald Enclave are spread far and wide, and usually operate in isolation. They learn to depend on themselves more than others.

Where is thar greenbough neverwinter?

Thar Greenbough is an NPC in Rothé Valley. He is the local contact for the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign. He is located just west of the blue dragon heroic encounter Venfithar.

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What are the factions in faerun?

The following five factions have a profound effect on the political workings of Faerun.

  • The Lords’ Alliance. The Lords’ Alliance is a political and economic coalition of cities spread throughout the North and the Sword Coast. …
  • The Harpers. …
  • The Order of the Gauntlet. …
  • The Emerald Enclave. …
  • The Zhentarim.

Where is Phaulkonmere?

Activities. Melannor was the groundskeeper of Phaulkonmere, a compound located one block south of Kolat Towers that was owned by the Tarm and Phaulkon noble families.

How much is a ruby worth in DND?

The cheapest ornamental stones such as obsidian are worth around 10 gp per carat, while valuable gems such as diamond and ruby are worth around 200 gp per carat.

What is renown in DND?

In our D&D games, renown suggests a way to reward characters who belong to something greater than themselves. Factions, guilds and other organizations in a campaign setting present ways for characters to engage with the setting and enrich the experience for the players.

Where is Emerald Enclave Rothe Valley?

To begin the “Assist the Emerald Enclave” task, get to level 52, head to the same area in Protector’s Enclave where all the other Tyranny of Dragons NPCs reside and speak with Delrin Bass to accept his “Free Passage” quest. Head to Rothé Valley, into the cave near the middle of the map, and through the door.

Who are the Harpers?

The Harpers have “cells” and lone operatives throughout Faerûn, although they interact and share information with one another from time to time as needs warrant. The Harpers’ ideology is noble, and its members pride themselves on their integrity and incorruptibility.

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Are the zhentarim bad?

In SKT, Tiamat, and a lot of the extended lore, the Zhentarim are described as slavers, murders, and otherwise evil.

What’s the difference between a faction and a guild?

is that faction is a group of people, especially within a political organization, which expresses a shared belief or opinion different from people who are not part of the group or faction can be a form of literature, film etc, that treats real people or events as if they were fiction; a mix of fact and fiction while …