How can I get my diamond bank user ID?

Step 1: Enter the 16 digit Diamond Debit card number and account number then select submit. The Diamond Online User ID and registration code will be generated and sent to your registered phone as an SMS.

How do I find my online banking ID?

Open the SBI Internet Banking login page and click on the Forgot login password option. In the new window, select Forgot Username and click on next. Now enter your CIF number, your country (India), enter your SBI registered mobile number and submit.

How do I activate my Diamond Bank app?

Features available on the Diamond Mobile App

  1. Download the mobile app from i-Tunes App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and Blackberry Markets and the app icon will automatically appear on your device.
  2. Click on the icon to open application.
  3. Select register and follow the three steps to authenticate your details.

How do I register for online banking with Diamond Bank?

If you would rather, you can enroll in Online Banking by filling out the online application that is available at the link below. Please bring your completed form to your nearest Diamond Bank location and we will finalize the enrollment process for you.

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How do I check my diamond details?

To get or know your Diamond Bank account number;

  1. Dial *937*Amount# from the phone number registered to your Diamond Bank account.
  2. A list of all your account numbers would be displayed on your screen.

How do I find my user ID on my phone?

For Android users only, if the Mobile User ID is not available, the Device ID can be used. To find the Device ID, go to the Google Play Store and download an App such as Device ID. In most cases, the App displays the ID on opening.

How do I know my customer ID?

To retrieve your Customer ID online in 3 simple steps, go to NetBanking and click on the “?” icon.

  1. Input your registered Mobile No. (with Country Code), and your PAN or Date of Birth details.
  2. Authenticate using the OTP sent on your registered Mobile No.
  3. The unique Customer ID is displayed upfront.

How do I check my diamond bank account?

To check your Diamond bank account balance, dial *710*556*PIN# on your phone. Another way to check is using the 16 digits of your ATM card.

Is Diamond Bank mobile app still working?

We would like to use this opportunity to inform our valued customers that the old Access and Diamond mobile apps will still be available and active till 2022 to give customers adequate time to migrate to the new mobile application”, Victor concluded.

What is an internet banking ID?

Internet banking ID is a modern technology used for remote banking services by the bank clients. It allows for the control and management of bank accounts online in 24/7 from anywhere in the world. To perform these operations, Internet connection must be available. No special software or browser is required.

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How do I link my BVN to my access bank account?

How To Link BVN to Your Access Bank Account Online

  1. Using a Computer or Mobile phone, go to
  2. A BVN Update Page should Open.
  3. Type in Your Access Bank Account Number in the 1st Text Box Provided.
  4. Click on the Verify Button to ensure the Account number is correct.